5 Eco Friendly Smart Home Products

Introducing eco-friendly products and behaviors into your household has become a matter of ethics. Do you remember those long gone times when your parents urged you to turn off the lights whenever you exit the room? It was a much simpler time and a habit most kids were taught exclusively to save money on electrical bills. These days, it’s predominantly about reducing your energy footprint, but the finance related angle is still there. Considering one needs to take care of their immediate environment, here are five eco friendly smart home products that can assist you in this regard immensely.

Smart thermostat

Most smart thermostats offer a roughly similar set of functions – they can be programmed to follow a schedule when it comes to heating and cooling parts of your home, since they are connected to the AC via Wi-Fi. Furthermore, they can track the electricity expenditure and be additionally programmed to “cut-corners” whenever that appears to be necessary to fulfill the promise of “eco-friendly” performance. Make sure to put in your work schedule into the device to achieve the best possible results.

Low-flow showerhead

Low-flow showerheads are one of the most useful home products that can painlessly save water without sacrificing flow performance. Essentially, these showerheads atomize water to create micro-droplets which will leave you feeling as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Still, they will minimize water usage while creating a pleasant spa-effect. Therefore, you are not only putting a stop to your water-wasting showering sessions, but you are also making the experience a bit more hedonistic. If this trade off doesn’t sound like a win-win, hardly anything will.

CBus home automation

All the little factors can pile up to create a significant impact on your wallet, and if you decide to hire efficient CBus installers to integrate a home automation system into your household, you’ll be surprised by how low the electrical bills will get at the end of the month. The CBus system can easily be tweaked to control multiple electricity-related dimensions of your household – from lighting, air conditioning and energy metering to entertainment systems and security systems. By adding such a modular angle to controlling your electrical expenditure, you will save a small fortune by the end of the year.

Green power adapters and strips

The computational needs of our homes are only increasing, yet our need to behave more responsibly towards our environments does not wane. Enter – green power adapters and strips. They can be easily found with your local retailer these days and they are incredibly useful. Green power adapters will cut-off energy supplies when you turn off your electronics, as they are technically built to only enter standby mode. On the other hand, green power strips are a sort of surge suppressors that will help with peripheral energy savings. They are seamless replacements for regular strips, but they are truly more energy efficient. Furthermore, they are built to stop extra energy-sucking devices such as printers and scanners from wasting all the energy.

The Eco-Capsule

Okay, this is not exactly a home product in the strictest sense of that world, but one can easily consider it a neat addition to the home. The eco-capsule (or ecocapsule) is a compact portable mini home for those homeowners who enjoy a bit of wanderlust every now and then. Why dwell in your house over the weekends when you can power your hybrid car with the electricity produced by ecocapsule solar panels and get lost in the local natural landscape for two days? In addition, these self-sufficient shacks can easily serve as replacement-homes for two whole years if you decide to go on a trip around the continent. It can also be a fabulous getaway in the backyard for a family member that is in the loner mood.

You are not merely becoming a high-tech homeowner by opting to incorporate these devices into your home. Countless corporations around the world are working on new environmentally healthy solutions that can circumvent creating a drastic impact on the lifestyle of the general populace. Therefore, if you opt to spend a pretty penny today on such products, you’ll likely save a lot of money in the long run and sleep with a clear conscience.

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    The computational requirements of our homes are just expanding, yet our need to act all the more mindfully towards our surroundings doesn’t fade. Enter – green force connectors and strips. They can be effectively found with your neighborhood retailer nowadays and they are unimaginably helpful. Green force connectors will remove energy supplies when you turn off your hardware, as they are in fact worked to just enter reserve mode. Then again, green plug extensions are a kind of flood silencers that will assist with fringe energy investment funds. They are consistent substitutes for standard strips, yet they are really more energy proficient. Besides, they are worked to stop additional energy-sucking gadgets like printers and scanners from squandering all the energy.


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