Nokia G22 is the First Smartphone You Can Fix by Yourself

The latest Nokia smartphone by HMD is the first of its kind that is designed to be repaired in minutes.

These days, most smartphone manufacturers are following the trend that Apple set with their iPhone as being unrepairable for most DIYers. This trend has become a dilemma for many smartphone owners, be it Android or iPhone, as the ability to repair, even the most basic as replacing the battery, have become somewhat impossible. Gone are the days when you can simply open up the case of your phone and replace the battery in less than a minute.

The purpose of sealing the rear cover serves several purposes for smartphone makers. Of course, the most apparent is the water proofing of some or selected smartphones. The thing though is that not everybody takes their phones to the shower or swimming pool, even if their mobile phones are labeled as water proof. The sealing of the rear cover makes it difficult to access the rear panel as prying it open without the proper tools can or may damage the phone. Because of this, there have been clamors over the right to repair their own phones.

HMD Global, the Finnish mobile manufacturer behind Nokia, has launched the Nokia G22 which they claim can be repaired in minutes. HMD teamed up with the company, iFixit, to sell replacement parts for the smartphone. Although the mobile phone can only be considered as a budget Android smartphone due to the plastic casing, the smartphone has been made with repairability in mind.

The Nokia G22 is made with recyclable plastics and with the right tools, users can remove and replace the phone’s battery, screen, and charging port. This is something that other smartphone makers should take example from.

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Image: HMD