DIY iPad Sleeve – Duct Tape & Bubble Envelope

If there’s one thing you cannot live without, it’s duct tape – or gaffer tape if you want the expensive stuff.

Another thing, thousands of people are going through right now, is thinking how they could ever live without an iPad. Okay, so Apple “only” sold 300,000 iPad’s on opening day but over 500,000 iPad’s so far – but I keep reading how much people enjoy the iPad, despite its limited functions when comparing it to a netbook (which it’s not, so stop comparing it as such!).

Combine duct tape and an iPad with a bubble envelope and you got yourself a pretty cool DIY iPad sleeve that will give you extra bonus points in the geek community. Throw on one of those Apple stickers that come with various Apple products and you’ll get bonus points in the Apple community, too.

That’s exactly what Frank Hsueh did, as he couldn’t afford a sleeve after buying the iPad. Check out the iPad do-it-yourself sleeve gallery at TUAW for more of Frank’s pictures. I might make myself one of those, if I ever get an iPad (I can’t wait!).

6 thoughts on “DIY iPad Sleeve – Duct Tape & Bubble Envelope”

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  2. I wonder if I should do something similar for my iPhone. Right now I just throw it into my bag and so far, so good. I’m still worried though.
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  3. Also irgendwie verstehe ich den Artikel cnicht sop ganz. Zioemlich schlechte Übersetzung. Irgendwas mit dem iPad, kein Plan.

    LG Dragon Mood

    • Yes it’s a Google Translate translation so it might not be perfect, but I also used Google Translate to translate your comment but it didn’t make much sense to me other than it seems my translation was poor. I suppose this is what’s called “lost in translation” 🙂

  4. Is it ok if I repost your article on my blog? All links included of course. I find it very interesting and I always search for fun DIY projects.


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