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Picking a web host these days is very easy. Picking the right one, or the best one for the money, is not easy at all.

First of all, you can hardly visit any technology/blogging site today without seeing at least one ad for some kind of hosting company, promising you unlimited this and unlimited that for just a few bucks a month. If you sign up for one of these offers without further research, one of the following will have to be true, if you’re not going to regret your decision:

  1. You must have very low expectations for your new hosting provider.
  2. You must be rather lucky to be put on a server with not too many other users on it (yet), giving you acceptable performance.
  3. You have a website/blog with only a few visitors.

Reading web hosting reviews can be helpful, but it can be hard to find out how biased they are. Many web hosts have affiliate programs, so websites are being paid for each new customer they can find – because of that, many sites are going to give a positive review. Luckily there are still websites and blogs out there that care about their readers, and wouldn’t touch up a review just to earn some extra dollars.

This is where Reviews Gurus comes in. They have a section dedicated to hosting and instead of relying only on internal reviews, they rely on real users and their reviews. Ranking of web hosting companies are based on a sophisticated mechanism and is dynamically changed according to user reviews, in real-time.

In addition to user reviews (and those include videos as well), Reviews Gurus also provides expert web hosting reviews, coupons & offers and a forum. This is probably the most extensive hosting review site I’ve seen so far – and it comes with a nice and clean layout too, making it very easy and enjoyable to navigate. In my opinion.

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