How Can One Make A Disruptive Innovation On Purpose? 

An executive during a PPC management meeting

What is Disruptive Innovation? When a product or service that was previously only available to rich or highly educated people is transformed into one that is more widely available and accessible, this is referred to as disruptive innovation. It disrupts the market by displacing seasoned, well-established competitors. It is the process of transforming expensive products … Read more →

Business Innovation Strategy for the 21st Century 

A lot of companies talk about innovation, but few actually get something accomplished on their road to innovation. Contrary to popular belief large enterprises can be innovative if they have the right processes in place and stop shooting themselves in the foot. Let’s take a look at a business innovation strategy you can do today … Read more →

4 Tech Innovations Changing the Way People Connect With People

As the activities of human life evolve and change, so does technology follow the lead to meet demands for better communication and human connection. While smartphones might have disconnected us from each other at their onset, technology has made improvements to our personal experiences in more ways than ever before. No longer is faster communication … Read more →