Explore Innovative Ways to Use Mixed Reality for Boosting Your Business Growth

Mixed reality is among other popular technologies that have made its way into the market in recent times. It provides real-time integration with the existing environment and superimposes old information with the new one and keeps in one the top so that users can easily use it whenever needed.

Mixed reality has transformed the way in how businesses interact with customers and employees. A lot of industries are harnessing the power of mixed reality, starting from retail stores to the automotive industry to advertisers. Most of the organizations are stepping ahead to adopt new technology to leverage all the advantages offered by it, they are trying new ways and ideas to boost their business to the next level of success.

Innovative Ways to Use Mixed Reality for Your Business 

According to the survey carried out in May 2018, it was found that 82% of enterprises agree that they will use ‘AR smart glasses’ (mixed reality) in the upcoming years. They very well know that advanced technology like Mixed reality poses a massive opportunity for businesses and also helps them in solving all their business problems. Therefore it will not be wrong to say that mixed reality is one of the significant contexts for businesses that are aiming to achieve business growth for their business in lesser time. 

Mixed reality simply means the combo of virtual as well as augmented reality. However, the concept of mixed reality was introduced from a longer time, but not a single business entrepreneur was using it. This concept has recently started picking up speed as most of the organizations and business startups have realized how it benefits them and helps to stay ahead from other competitors. 

Know Why Mixed Reality Means Lot for the Businesses

None of us is unaware of the popularization of Pokemon Go, implementing AR in the gaming concept has revolutionized the experience of the gamers and allowed businesses to earn high revenue from its popularity. 

The impact of mixed reality is considerably more than that as it will help enterprises to get high returns on investment. And as it enhances business operations and allows businesses to adopt it. In fact, this advanced technology is projected to reach $150 billion in markets by 2020. 

Most of the latest technologies of today are poised to provide the next stage in the evolution of computing and are transferring most of our digital tools from the 2D to an interactive 3D spatial experience. And the availability of a mobile app development company makes it easier for businesses to evolve and adapt the digital solution like eventbrite clone or any other for their business, satisfying each and every need of their business as well as customers. Here are some of the ways to know how businesses can use mixed reality in their businesses and what it really means for them. 

Increases Profit Margin 

The mixed reality was engaged with the entertainment and gaming industry, but now most of the entrepreneurs have started experimenting with it. They know that with the help of mixed reality, they can improve the overall activity of the business, including communication and training. Solving various business hurdles also becomes more manageable when they adopt the latest technology, which finally results in an increase in profit margin. 

Provide Visualization of the Product 

There is no doubt that mixed reality is at its infancy. Still, many of the businesses doubt whether they must opt for the technology or just ignore it. Compared to that, few of the businesses have even pulled off mixed reality technology for developing an advanced app that helps them to focus on the targeted goals and reach more customers worldwide. 

Even some of the business giants like Amazon and others use the latest technology like augmented and mixed reality to help customers visualize the products which they are selling to them. Now customers can easily visualize each and every product before getting it delivered to the doorsteps. 

Stay at the Cutting Edge 

Mixed reality provides various opportunities for businesses in the traditionally non-tech-savvy business market. Adopting and implementing mixed reality in entertainment and gaming areas has become quite common. And companies aiming to stay at the cutting edge need to understand the importance of implementing the same technology for their business. 

As per Touchstone Research, it was found that 73% of Millenials and 79% of Generation Zare interested in virtual reality. With the help of mixed reality, businesses can overcome various disruptions in age and can reach a younger audience who are likely to make a purchase from your brand. 

Decrease Operational Costs

Besides staying updated and competitive, brands can also experience a decrease in the operational costs when they adopt mixed reality. Many of the business giants today are using the latest technologies to train their employees. And companies who have yet not adopted it have to speed a lot of their penny on employee training, which will ultimately increase their operational cost.  

Connect Customers on a Personal Level 

One of the critical parts of online selling is developing a personal relationship with customers. In this modern age, businesses feel fully transactional as customers pay a certain amount in exchange for goods or services which they are selling. But it is found in one of the surveys that around 30% of digital customers who make online purchases return is due to lack of personal level from the company’s side. Hence make sure that as a business entrepreneur, you find out innovation and effective ways to increase personal level with the customers. You can leverage the latest technology like mixed reality to do the same. 

Ensure a Bright Future for Your Business with Mixed Reality!

In one of the Deloitte research, it was found that around 150 companies that are from different sectors are experimenting and have deployed AR/VR solutions for their business. Even the same search found that over 10% of Fortune 500 companies are starting to use the latest technologies as it helps them to help improve their businesses. 

While a recent report by Forrester Research asserts that more than 14.4 million US workers will use smart glasses, which is the gift of mixed reality by 2025. Adopting mixed reality for your business can prove to be beneficial in many senses. It not only helps you to satisfy the needs of the present generation but will also help you to train the employees in one of the most accurate manners. 

It also facilitates you to reach the modern generation customers and convey them to use your business product or service on a daily basis. Adopting mixed reality to enhance your business process can prove to be a beneficial decision that helps you to boost overall growth and earn more profit in lesser time. 

Guest article written by: Gaurav Kanabar is the Founder and CEO of Alphanso Tech, an India based IT Consulting company that provides music streaming platform development service and other app development services to individuals as per their specified demand. Besides this, the founder also loves to deliver excellent niche helping readers to have deep insight into the topic.  Twitter || Linkedin 

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