Augmented Reality App and Mobile App Development vs Virtual Reality experience

Augmented reality mobile app development has come into our lives and it can hardly surprise somebody. We can see that AR companies create useful apps to support various processes in manufacturing, education, medicine and marketing. At the same time, another widely used technology, virtual reality, has arrived earlier and also contributes a lot to business, military, games and healthcare. It brings immersive experience and those who has never tried it, missed a lot.

However, statistics says that recent years AR applications are getting ahead and the perspective revenue from them is going to be three times higher in comparison with virtual reality by 2020.

Why does augmented reality app development in Canada gain growing popularity and what are the main differences between both cutting-edge technologies?

VR technology and AR mobile app development: what are the differences?

Both these exciting technologies are designed to change our perception of the real world. However, the key difference is how this goal is achieved.

In case of virtual reality, the user entirely plunges into virtual environment. VR headset substitutes the real vision and allows viewing completely another scene. The best for a user is the sense of presence. VR headsets can transfer you to the ocean, to the top of a mountain and even to outer space. However, there are only photorealistic rendering images, not the reality.

In contrast, augmented reality is designed to augment the physical surrounding with digital overlays (text messages, signs, animations, 3D models etc). It is a great advantage that AR experience does not require additional equipment, you can just use your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, AR development usually costs lower than VR experience.

As for the development process, software development kit, also called SDK, should be used to add computer generated images to the real environment. Among the great variety of SDKs, AR developer chooses appropriate platform to change a consumer’s perception of a moment. AR mobile app development company in Canada creates immersive applications for iOS, Android and supports solutions for smart glasses as well.

Augmented Reality App Development: What Business Can Feel The Benefit?

Speaking about augmented reality, let us find out what new tools and opportunities for numerous industries AR developers offer. This technology has already empowered game development to create new kinds of interactive experience. It also provides retailers with new forms of product presentation.

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Even more, augmented reality app development company can provide better organization of the workflow for manufacturing. For example, mobile app developers create detailed digital instructions that overlay work surfaces. Workers use smart glasses to receive the guides and other important information like documents, diagrams and videos just before their eyes.

The advantages of augmented reality for business of all the kinds are countless. You can also feel the benefit from leveraging innovative technology. Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – will create successful project with photorealistic images and thoughtful AR scenario to provide your consumers with high-quality experience.

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  1. It’s interesting to know that augmented reality solutions are going to be about three times more in revenue these days. It would be a good opportunity for potential business owners to boost their products or get back their capital and start profiting if they avail of this. I can imagine how people these days would be enticed if there would be options to access their products or services in fun ways such as feeling like they are ordering from a high-technology restaurant. Business owners should all know about this and have these kinds of services in their establishments.


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