Rekkie brings AR with Heads-Up Display in Snow Goggles

Are you a fan of skiing and/or snowboarding and would want some useful information displayed in your snow goggles? Well, Rekkie has got you covered. This is because Rekkie, a startup company, has just developed smart snow goggles that can show you relative information and other things.

Rekkie is not the first to delve into augmented reality (AR) as Oakley, one of the leading companies in protective eyewear, tried this nearly a decade ago. However, this did not pan out as the product they created was more of an experimental one. Moreso, the product did not catch on as it was both pricey at somewhere around $600, and uncomfortable to wear as the headset unit is connected to a controller worn on the wrist.

Fast forward to today, Rekkie’s smart snow goggles are connected and can be controlled through a smartphone app you can download and are available for both iOS and Android. At $349, it is significantly cheaper than that of Oakley. Some of the information you can display on the goggles are: your speed, time, unread notifications, battery reading of the goggles, the music being played, altitude, heading, the distance of the friends you are skiing with, and others more.

Truth is, the technology is not something that Rekkie invented as the product tech has been conceptualized by others already. However, the tech has never developed from then on until Rekkie came to salvage it. Knowing the speed you are going as well as the time and your heading is more than enough for most people. With the Rekkie smart goggles though, you can do a lot more. Add that to the fact that their goggles simply look like your everyday normal snow goggles makes the product simply more awesome.