Intelligent content creation and marketing shaped by AI: the present the future

In the digital marketing world, content writers are looked upon for bringing new ideas and viewpoints into their articulate writeups. But what happens when this good old job of creating unique writeups is taken over by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Every leading digital marketing company has had enough buzz about AI. Even leading web publications such … Read more →

How will AR and VR impact the future of the gaming industry?

Gaming is not a new activity. While the industry dates back a few years, it has seen significant changes. It is not only how people play games that has changed, but also how people view the industry culturally and societally.  Today, a variety of platforms provide opportunities for people to game for fun, bragging rights, … Read more →

Top 9 Facial Recognition Technology Trends 2022

The facial recognition market is expected to increase by $9.6 billion by 2022. This will be driven by its applicability to an ever-widening variety of solutions. Today, face recognition technology is preferred over other types of biometric technologies such as voice fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, texture recognition, and skin texture recognition due to its contactless … Read more →

The Future of VR and the Sports Stadium

 Photo According to PwC, up to 23 million jobs will likely rely on virtual and augmented reality by 2030. While some professions rely on VR and AR to train employees, such as pilots and medical students, the technology behind both sectors is becoming increasingly available to the general public. Today, much of the industry is … Read more →

Which will be more valuable in the upcoming years – Online or Offline? 

The 2019-20 pandemic has arisen in the increase of more online business. When all people across the world locked themselves inside their houses, many businesses went on the verge of dissolution. Buyers and sellers both were in trouble. Buyers could not buy their commodities as they could not step out. Sellers had to sit inside … Read more →

Will 2077 be like Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 has arrived and many opinions have already been given about the game. Full of bugs? Few bugs? Is the game really good or not? All of this you can discover in the various publications already made about the game. But what you will read here is: Will 2077 be like Cyberpunk? I’m an … Read more →

The Future of Bitcoin

bWhen Bitcoin was first introduced to the world in 2009, nobody thought much of it. It is a virtual currency invented by someone called Satoshi Nakamoto; he/she was not a famous person and remains a mystery to date. However, crypto currency became a thing and people started to consider it as a feasible option for … Read more →

How Outsourcing Be the Future of IT Companies

Are you planning to outsource the non-core tasks of your business to a third-party? Considering the current outsourcing demand, it is safe to say that outsourcing is going to be a major trend in IT companies.  Rather than hiring in-house professionals, companies have started outsourcing IT talents. Initially, outsourcing was limited to data entry and … Read more →

What does the future hold for autonomous vehicles?

Most vehicles on the market today feature some form of autonomous tech. The driving experience today typically involves sat-nav or Bluetooth, but manufacturers haven’t introduced fully autonomous vehicles to the market yet. Despite extensive testing, their release has been delayed due to mechanical issues and safety concerns, but is this all about to change? Several … Read more →

Five Tech Trends Shaping Business Presentations of The Future

How can you captivate your audience with your business presentations, not losing them along the way to monotonous rambling? Gone are the days of data filled slides, and paragraphs upon paragraphs of information. With technological advancements and increased digitalisation here to stay, 2019 has seen more innovative presentation techniques than ever before. From AR to … Read more →

Snapshot of the Future of E-Commerce

Did you know, the global e-commerce market is forecasted to continue its growth trajectory for years to come? No wonder, there are thousands of to-be e-retailers’ striving to jump on the bandwagon each passing second! Yet, as an e-tailer, you need to ensure your e-commerce sticks out from the crowd!  With the US online sales … Read more →

7 Movies Which Were Successful In Predicting the Future

The world is progressing at a rapid pace. What we see and experience today will soon become a relic in history as technology takes us to places above and beyond what we ever imagined. The movie industry has been revolutionized by the various technological advancements. Astounding ideas and story lines have been introduced in movies … Read more →

5 developments we can expect in blockchain tech in the next few years

A blockchain is an incredibly powerful shared global infrastructure, able to move value around and represent the ownership of property. It is named ‘blockchain’ because it comprises several transaction groups called ‘block’, with the ‘blockchain’ being the result of the linear sequence that these blocks form. All blocks are cryptographically linked to one another in … Read more →