Will 2077 be like Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 has arrived and many opinions have already been given about the game. Full of bugs? Few bugs? Is the game really good or not? All of this you can discover in the various publications already made about the game. But what you will read here is:

Will 2077 be like Cyberpunk?

I’m an old guy, so this question was asked by me, still a little boy, in Back to the Future 2, when Martin and Dr. Brown traveled to 2015. There they found flying cars, flying skateboards and many other details.

But what about 2077? Will we finally have flying cars and humans using computerized organs?

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Let’s think about the present. Currently there are already several studies and scientific tests that aim to create new artificial organs. Elon Musk has already started the “Neuralink” project, which promises to connect the brain to computers. I have seen more news every day about new flying car designs. In fact, if we stop to think that there are small planes like the Cirrus Jet that looks a lot like a car, we can already say that there are flying cars. So it is perhaps even plausible that the world is at least close to that of 2077.

On the other hand, life seems very active in 2077 while now we are increasingly carrying out tasks via computer or cell phone. Meetings, case trials, courses, colleges. Everything done by computer.

Even stock brokers and traders use their cell phones to buy a vps or a vps windows and let a robot (yes, a robot) trade stocks and coins for it! Imagine the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet made today? What a bore it would be for a man lying on his bed to operate on his cell phone and make calls over Zoom.

Anyway, considering all of this, I think we can say that Cyberpunk will hit the future in parts. I think we will have many of the things present, but in a less active world. With fewer people on the street and more lazy people inside the house.

Is that you? What’s your guess for 2077?

Guest article written by: Gui Coacci

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