Which will be more valuable in the upcoming years – Online or Offline? 

The 2019-20 pandemic has arisen in the increase of more online business. When all people across the world locked themselves inside their houses, many businesses went on the verge of dissolution. Buyers and sellers both were in trouble. Buyers could not buy their commodities as they could not step out. Sellers had to sit inside their houses shutting down their business. Many workers lost their jobs as a consequence of the lockdown. Many people lost the only earning member of their family due to the covid -19 virus. Many people were jobless without knowing what to do. 

Sole-proprietors also had to shut their business down. Schools and colleges were all sealed in lockdown. Malls, cinema halls, and all other public gatherings areas were shut down. There was no way people could live if they had no money. So there had to be a way to sustainable living. 


Results in business and online platforms :

Consumers started using online platforms to buy their essential commodities. Many consumers were already familiar with and used online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart for their online shopping. But many others were unaware of these online shopping sites. In India, the illiteracy rate is a bit higher. This results in a slower increase in digitalisation. A lot of people were unaware of the thing called the internet and what it does. But due to the lockdown, many people who weren’t aware of online platforms became aware. They never knew that these platforms were so easy and beneficial. 

As a result of these, online shopping platforms became very popular and resulted in an increase in sales across the most successful sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many other online shopping applications and sites that were launched. Many small businesses have created websites for selling their goods and services online. Consumers could order any products just by sitting at their homes. Groceries to medicines, clothes to electronics, all good be bought online now. Not only this but also customers could get attractive offers and discounts. As a result, the local business which no one knew about is doing great in the pandemic selling its products online. People also started doing business on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications. Many people who never did business could now do it sitting at their home. The advantages of online platforms and social platforms have led to a massive increase in their usage. 

Results in business firms and its impact on workers :

Apart from local business, large business firms and industries, big companies, etc were also closed down. As a result of this, all the staff and workers had to sit back home and wait for their official workplace to re-open. As the days went by, they realized that they won’t receive their salary as the firms were shut down. As the firms couldn’t operate for a few months, it resulted in less turnover. Due to this, many workers were removed from their position. These workers and staff were helpless. They couldn’t live without money. This situation could not be handled for long. It resulted in the starting of work-from-home. 

Work from home means that most of the official works will be done online while the workers will be sitting at their homes. The workers will perform all given works at their homes using their computers or smartphones. This resulted in a lot of money-saving opportunities for both the firm and its workers. Many business firms started giving jobs to new people online. Many people got their jobs through work-from-home. But work-from-home could not help in all areas. Some work could not be done online. So, some workers had to go to their workplace in this pandemic. 

Results in educational sectors :

Schools and colleges were similarly closed during the lockdown. As a result, all students had to sit back at home. They were academically paused due to the pandemic. The teachers did not receive their full salaries as they could not teach students. Students could not move forward with their academics. All these created a mess and chaos. Thanks to the internet as it helped in the educational sector too. Online classes were started by almost all schools and colleges. Google meet, Zoom, and other apps were highly used for these classes. Online examinations were also held by schools, colleges, and universities. Payment of fees was also made online. 


People may debate on the topic – will online work be more valuable in the upcoming year’s or offline. Many would say online. Online because there are many noted advantages of online work. Some would say offline because all work cannot be done sitting at home. 

Online work obviously has many positive sites such as creating websites for their business, providing work from home jobs. But this also has many drawbacks too. Once people get used to sitting at home and working, they won’t find it necessary to go out and work. This will result in serious health issues. People have to remain busy and work out to remain physically and mentally fit. 

Schools and colleges have no other options other than offline. Students need to go back to their schools and colleges and continue with their academics. Not only academics, but students also need to go back to all the co-curricular activities happening in their schools and colleges. Online education cannot be continued long for the students. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created some good platforms for the later development of the country. But all the other things should get back to their previous form. Online work is valuable but all offline work can not be replaced.

Guest article written by: I am Ankita Kaushal. I am a business woman, a business coach, an entrepreneur. I’ve been working on an idea for a post about Online Business. I help many small business owners in their startup online business. Get in touch with me regarding any online business quarry on Linkedin.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I think ultimately the best ‘platform’ is a hybrid of online and offline. This provides flexibility, engagement, human connection and balance.

  2. Great content, thanks for sharing. In my opinion both are significant in one or the other way. However in this Pandemic time Online approach proves to be convenient. For Universities we have great option to stay connected with their Alumni and get faster engagement which helps in Fundraising too. AlmaShines Alumni App efficiently enhances your alumni relations management.


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