7 Movies Which Were Successful In Predicting the Future

The world is progressing at a rapid pace. What we see and experience today will soon become a relic in history as technology takes us to places above and beyond what we ever imagined.

The movie industry has been revolutionized by the various technological advancements. Astounding ideas and story lines have been introduced in movies with futuristic notions. These often leave us bedazzled and sometimes afraid regarding what the future might hold for us. While many of these ideas seem far-fetched, there have been a number of titles which predicted certain aspects of the future correctly since we see those things happening around us in the present world.

Let us list down some movie which were successful in predicting the upcoming future developments and essentially entertaining as well. Therefore you will definitely have a great time watching them. If you have seen them before, a rerun from a new perspective could also be an interesting aspect. A dependable internet would be essential to enjoy this movies in high definition so be sure to go through your local Xfinity double play packages to find a great option. Without further wait, let us begin our list!

1. The Cable Guy (1996)

Released back in 1996, the middling comedy entry stars Jim Carrey as the lead character in the movie. Filled with fits of weirdness and laughter, the end of the movie introduces us to a future predicting side of Chip, the cable guy. The terrorizing and estranged cable man, throws a fit of prophetic rant about online shopping and massive gaming just when the internet has recently come into mainstream existence. And we can witness now how true that was, since all the talk these days is about E-commerce and the immersive online gaming world.

Let us also pitch in some important lines from the movie which further establishes our point. “Soon every American home will integrate their television, phone and computer! Visit the Louvre on one channel, and watch female mud wrestling on another! You can do your shopping at home or play Mortal Kombat!” Gives you Goosebumps doesn’t it?

2. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

This rom-com from 1998 successfully incorporates the Starbucks culture. The film was quite successful in nailing down some key aspects of online dating environment before it became the ‘in thing’ and before Tinder was even realized. We can readily observe how common online dating has become these days as all you need to do is download an application and swipe right. Back in 1998, love still used to sparkle the conventional way. People believed in catching someone’s attention and then working on a proper Dirty Dancing theme.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were the first ones to embark on the quest of online dating and facing the reality of meeting up with random strangers and the repercussions that aspect might bring for people.

3. Minority Report (2002)

One of the most successful movies of its time, the director of the movie, Steven Spielberg actually consulted major futurologists before making his movie. The movie is set in a futuristic environment of 2054, so it readily hinted towards a number of future technologies and quite a few of them were translated into reality. Tom Cruise, falls into the world of personalized advertising as he takes a journey through Gap and gets his iris gets scanned a number of instances.

We can see how iris scanning is becoming a necessary authentication metric across various platforms in our current world. Not only that, the movie also hinted towards gesture control environments where everything is being controlled via hand movements. That is also becoming a reality and will soon become available to general public as the technology progresses.

4. Back To The Future II (1989)

This classic movie has to be a part of the list whenever we discuss about futuristic concerns. The film hints towards a lot of future developments and there is a massive list of things which it predicted accurately. We see major companies like Nike and Tesla using references of this movie in their adverts, so its popularity is indeed undeniable.

Of the different things it predicted, video calling, flat screen TV’s, wearable gadgets, fingerprint scanning and gesture recognition is among a few of them. Some ideas like fusion powered flying cards might still seem a bit too fat fetched but we never know when we might see one of them flying around. The film was also successful in predicting the win of Chicago Cubs with only a year’s variation which was indeed impressive.

5. The Truman Show (1998)

Before the shows like Big Brother ever existed, we were introduced to The Truman Show. Jim Carrey delivers an unparalleled performance in the movie as he is thrown into the world of a reality show which is being enjoyed by a world where morals don’t exist anymore. The various instances and relationships portrayed in the movie, rightly predict how shallow real world relations will become in the future world. Everything is related to fame and money in one way or another and the show predicted this to happen back in 1998.

Another ironic element which the movie successfully predicted is the effect of fake drama on the affected persons and how it can drive them insane, as we see happening to our lead protagonist during the course of the movie.

6. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

The Mad Max series has seen various sequels and prequels being made by various directors due to its popularity. This popularity can be attributed to its post-apocalyptic setting where resources have become exceedingly scarce. Gasoline has become so valuable that biker gangs are seen to be on the prowl to hijack people and their cargo in order to obtain it. Commodities like milk have become a rarity and only the rich get to enjoy them. If we take a look at the global world environment and happenings especially in the African and the Middle Eastern region, and look at the wars and drought which have been emerging rapidly, we have to agree with the sad reality that it is actually the future towards which we are moving.

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This interesting movie introduces us to a couple who decide to have their memories erased regarding the time spend together when their relationship becomes exceedingly sour and boring. These days we can observe how the American Psychological Association with the help of research team is developing memory altering technology to help patients. This technology would be used for overcoming post-traumatic stress and other similar instances which have negative influences over an individual’s personality. That all being said, the movie itself is pretty amazing so we would highly recommend watching it.

These are some of the best movies which predicted future elements successfully long before they even happened. There are many other entries which can be a part of list but we picked ones which are considerably good entertainment along with being somewhat accurate. So be sure to watch some of these movies and surely you will be able to appreciate them too.

Guest article written by: Robert James is an MIS with a vast experience and research on personal and home security tech and gadgets. He also write on Cox bundles Packages. He is an MMA Fighter and Technology enthusiast with a will to act. Tech Writer and Researcher with a flare to review the latest security tech and gadgets.

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  1. Firstly, Thank You for penning your thoughts down. It was really a very good read! I believe there are so many other movies too that have predicted future really well and world somehow seems to go in that direction too. Even Simpsons for that very matter. What surprising is, that all these predictions have been really sharp and surprising. Wonder what’s about to come up ahead. 🙂

  2. Apparently Jim Carrey can predict the future, he’s the main lead in most of them. Coincidence? Awesome list you got there, thanks for sharing. Cable Guy is an all-time classic!

  3. I am a die-hard fan of movies especially the ones about future…be it Back to the future or Life or something like it. Though, they don’t come with 100% accuracy, but still they make sense specially for someone like me who is born in the eighties because i’ve seen both conventional and technological advancements with time.
    A very good read!!!

  4. I was quoting many of these to my friends a few nights ago, simpsons isn’t the only show that predicted the future, but many movies were factually correct about technology. Thanks for enlisting them all!


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