The rise of VR and its practical applications

Virtual reality is taking the World over by storm. VR glasses, VR headsets, VR video games are already a reality. The popularity of this sort of entertainment is only expected to increase in the future. The technology isn’t going anywhere and it will only see its rates of adoption increase over the years.

Virtual reality offers an unprecedented range of services and applications that would take us days to discuss in detail. The potential is already limitless and expected to expand even further. VR in the future will find an array of real-world applications. Let’s discuss some of these possibilities.


First of all, let’s focus on the application that will likely be the most fun. Virtual reality-based games are actually not that new. The technology has been used in gaming since the ’90s. However, now VR is really starting to take off into the stratosphere. A multitude of games is already available across different platforms for users to enjoy. Smartphone-based VR, console-based VR, PC VR are all developing new technologies and ideas to implement in the future.

Virtual Reality gaming is set to offer us a never before seen level of realism and immersion. Companies are striving to make the experience as lifelike as possible. Video games are already looking nearly identical to movies. One can only imagine the kind of World-building that will occur once the VR technologies really start to reach for the stars. This facet of implementation also has a lot of people excited about what’s to come.


As long as we’re staying in the area of entertainment, let’s talk about gambling. Consumer expectations and innovation are through the roof when it comes to this industry. People can’t wait to try their luck and skills in a virtual reality environment. The VR gambling market is expected to have an annual growth rate of over 50% by 2022. iGaming companies around the Globe are already adopting VR and more are expected to follow as the tech improves. Perhaps, in a few years, we will play slots or poker in a highly detailed virtual environment by logging into one of the websites listed here using voice assistance.

The new technology doesn’t only apply to those wanting to use the new gambling VR tech for leisure and betting. Therapists and organizations helping people deal with gambling addiction are also expected to heavily incorporate VR into their treatments. Much like medicinal drugs, virtual reality gambling will also be used to satisfy the addict’s immediate needs in order to later help them heal.


Tourism is one of the industries expected to hugely benefit from the new virtual reality systems. VR tours of popular museums, monuments, landmarks and other tourist destinations will surely become a part of the industry.

Due to the fact that this is all largely yet to come, we still don’t know how this technology will affect the actual tourism numbers around the World. Seems like it’s unlikely to cause a significant decline. Virtual reality will likely complement the real World, instead of replacing it for people. Real-life experiences are unlikely to lose their flair. Nothing is set in stone, of course. The real limits of VR are yet to be tested and we can’t be sure how it will affect people’s decisionmaking.

Military combat training

Let’s now focus on some of the more gritty applications of the tech. A soldier is his preparation + his experience. Virtual reality will likely be heavily used by governments around the World to train their armies. It’s a no-brainer. Putting soldiers in VR combat situations will help them gather heaps of experience without risking their lives in the process. Flight simulations, frontline simulations etc. are already incorporated in military training in certain countries and to a certain degree. Furthermore, the technology and its military adoption rate are only expected to improve in the years to come.

Medical applications

You’re a medical student learning the intricate art of dissecting and putting human/non-human bodies back together? No need for carcasses or pure theory anymore. In the future, extremely realistic VR systems will be used to teach students how to operate.

This is one of the most important potential practical applications of the technology. The students will be able to get countless hours of practice without the need for bodies or putting the lives of actual patients at risk.

Therapy for disabled people and advanced healthcare

Finally, people suffering from disabilities or mental health issues and companies catering to them are all expected to profit from the new VR technologies as well. These people will be able to leave the confines of their wheelchairs, houses or certain institutions. They will get a chance to experience the World in amazing and inspiring detail. With the help of virtual reality, people will no longer be tied to their environments. This will be a drastic improvement in the quality of life of those suffering from their conditions.

Progress helps create progress. VR tech will help guide medical innovations to an unknown, potentially limitless degree. Simulations and experiments done in VR will also eliminate the need for animal cruelty. Doctors will observe CT scans in 3D environments etc. The medical potential for VR is breathtaking.

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