Volvo’s Movable Steering Wheel For Autonomous Vehicles 

When your autonomous vehicle will be driving you to places, you’ll have the option to kick back and look out the window.  And the once very important parts of your vehicle, the steering wheel, and the brakes clutch accelerator trio will feel like a hindrance.                                                                                                                                                      And with all the research and development going on, that … Read more →

What does the future hold for autonomous vehicles?

Most vehicles on the market today feature some form of autonomous tech. The driving experience today typically involves sat-nav or Bluetooth, but manufacturers haven’t introduced fully autonomous vehicles to the market yet. Despite extensive testing, their release has been delayed due to mechanical issues and safety concerns, but is this all about to change? Several … Read more →

Introducing Volkswagen Group’s MOIA brand

Well-known German manufacturer the Volkswagen Group has teamed up with ride-hailing taxi app Gett to create the standalone mobility services brand MOIA. Here, VW cars dealership Inchcape Volkswagen takes a look at how the Volkswagen Group’s 13th brand is shaping up and how it could change the way we look at lift-sharing, autonomous cars and … Read more →