Intelligent content creation and marketing shaped by AI: the present the future

In the digital marketing world, content writers are looked upon for bringing new ideas and viewpoints into their articulate writeups. But what happens when this good old job of creating unique writeups is taken over by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Every leading digital marketing company has had enough buzz about AI. Even leading web publications such as Guardian showed how an AI bot can produce well-articulated writeups. 

Surely, it is just the beginning of a new era where human intelligence in making linguistic expressions will be shared by AI bots. But still, human intelligence for the major part of content planning, creation, and marketing is in lead as ever before. But as AI-based upon sophisticated data modeling is getting more sophisticated with every passing day, the future of content creation and marketing will be invariably linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Through this brief post, let’s take a deeper look into the role of AI in content creation and marketing.

AI will extend the creative scope further

Leveraging creativity in content is one of the key means to ensuring user engagement and this is one area where AI will play a key role. The intelligent data-driven data visualization tools that shape the raw information into instantly decipherable visual insights give nice examples of how in terms of presentation and structuring AI can create new values. 

Most accomplished content writers who pay large sums of money for creating first-draft content that they use as raw material for creating their well-articulated, detailed, and structurally brilliant writeups, now can use AI-powered tools for the same purpose. Besides saving money, this will make more room for creating powerful and more audience-specific content for the target audience.  

AI tools can be short of human imagination and human creativity, but they can do the best job of doing the laborious legwork of pulling a lot of relevant information and different perspectives into one place that a creative content writer can use to deliver the ultimate content piece. 

AI for all content marketing tasks  

Content marketing is not just about producing great write-ups, it is also about going with the trends to generate more traction and higher user engagement. However great a piece is written with everything achieved to perfection for images, links, meta description, and keywords, if the content talks about something already outdated or too well known, all the creative efforts are just lost. 

This is where intelligent algorithms used by leading content marketing tools come into the picture. Many leading tools for content and keyword research and SEO audit actively use AI for their powerful algorithms that can scan huge volumes of content and domains to deliver the most relevant result. 

Research of trending topics and content ideas is an area where AI is going to play a major role. AI-powered tools such as BuzzSumo and Optimizely provide intelligent assistance in deciding on the trending topics, relevant keywords, and high-quality links the content marketer should try to utilize for the best outreach and visibility. These tools based upon data-driven insights also help you to target the right domains and timing for optimum visibility and audience engagement.

So, all the leading tools powered by intelligent algorithms already made AI a key part of content marketing. In the years to come, the crucial role of AI in setting the agenda for content writers is going to play a more crucial role.

Streamlining mundane content pipeline

Not all the content that a business needs are going to be published on the company’s websites or other leading websites. Content marketers work on different layers of content to bring attention to the brand and this includes comments, testimonials and reviews, tweets, regular social media one-liners, newsletters, customized emails and chat messages, and many more. 

Many of these contents often follow a specific format and are used to register the brand presence instead of delivering valuable viewpoints on different topics. AI-powered content creation tools can do a great job in streamlining this type of content creation under the supervision of content experts.

Through AI help you can generate more messages of the same nature with a handful of personalized changes instead of copy-pasting anything or writing everything from scratch. This is how AI can take the burden of regular small-form content creation that needs more frequency and less creativity.

Aligning the content with the voice of customers 

The dream come true outcome of content marketing is to align every piece of content with what the intended customer audience wants. Every marketer seeks to achieve this, so it always remains a challenge. But aligning content with the apparent needs of customers is no longer enough today. The content needs to address individual tastes and preferences in different layers. This is where AI can help content creators with relevant inputs.

Thanks to AI, keeping track of customer preferences, and shifts in tastes and moods has become easier than ever before. AI-based text analysis, sentiment analysis, and customer research tools by tracking online and social media footprints of customers, the user journey across apps, the session timing, and frequency of uses, and several other metrics, can now deliver accurate insights that you can use in different layers of the content.

By doing this, you can align one piece of content with several different preferences and tastes or just can diversify the content for addressing different preferences while keeping the core message intact. Artificial intelligence in the same manner also helps in aligning the content strategy with your marketing goals.

Continuous optimization and updates

There is no room for static content in the present-day content writing space. You need to continuously add value to your already published content. When the ranking of your content piece is going down, the competitive analysis and recommendations for value additions can help you refurbish the content and bring it into higher search engine ranks. This is where AI can play a major role.

By using AI-powered content research and optimization tools you can increase relevance and add value to old content. AI tools can help keep content fresh over time and help you generate more value from the same marketing resources. AI tools continuously keep you updated on different metrics that you need to improve for each piece of content.

Writers will find the best assistants in AI

Different AI tools have already proved to be effective in taking the load of a variety of tasks that content writers need to engage with regularly so that the content creation process can speed up. For example, AI-driven tools such as Grammarly are helping writers not only to proofread but also to improve the syntax and sentence structure for better readability.

Writers are also now getting active help from AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and corresponding data models like GPT-3 to generate complex and multi-layered content with the help of software. These AI models and technologies are widening the horizon of writers for understanding the scope for creating new content.

Summing It Up

For a digital marketing company, the future is invariably linked to intelligent content creation and content marketing powered by artificial intelligence. If you want to see your content marketing evolve in this line, it is time to start using AI-powered content creation and research tools right away.

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