Melbourne-based Firm Using 3D Printing Technology to Address Housing Crisis by Constructing Entire Homes

Image Source: 9News Australia, like many other countries around the world, is facing a housing crisis. With rising property prices and limited affordable housing availability, many people struggle to find a place to call home. But now, 3d printing company in Melbourne is using 3D printing technology to address this problem uniquely: by constructing entire … Read more →

Large-scale Manufacturing as Easy as 1-2-3

The business community is in dire need of a manufacturing solution. Yes, they have traditional methods, and no, they are no longer enough to cope with the demands. With factories shutting down due to the pandemic and businesses looking to cut expenses, the option to buy industrial 3D printer online comes as a boon. Here … Read more →

5 Ways 3D Printers Ace the Manufacturing Game

The digital space has granted us numerous benefits. But we may think that only products related to consumers are available online which is not the case. You can find high-quality products on the internet that are used in business operations as well. One such industry is manufacturing. Traditional marketing methods have been left behind by … Read more →

Industrial 3D Printers: Merits and Uses

The world of manufacturing is ever-changing. New technologies are being developed every day to meet increasing customer demands. Traditional manufacturing methods are no longer able to keep up with the requirement for sophisticated machinery and its parts. This is where 3D printing is required. Industrial 3D printers such as the CreatBot Peek-300 3D printer help … Read more →

Do 3D Printers Live up to Their Hype?

Product development is a time-taking process. However, additive manufacturing or 3D printing can significantly reduce the total time of a product cycle, and the best way to achieve that is to buy high quality 3D printers online. Let’s see what it’s all about. 3D PRINTING AS AN ALTERNATIVE 3D printing is also known as additive … Read more →

How to Earn Money with 3D printing: 4 Best Business Ideas

With the onward of additive manufacturing came the era of affordable 3D printing. Subsequently, the advent of budget-friendly home-based manufacturing opened dozens of doors each of which leads to a profitable and flexible business idea that revolves around making three-dimensional objects in demand.  Would you like to know how your 3D printing expertise, modeling, and … Read more →

A Simple Guide To 3D Printing Technology For Beginners

While the technology industry has made several strides over the years, 3D printing has been one of the most memorable. As a tech enthusiast, you have likely heard of 3D printing. You may have seen the innovation on the news or heard about how it is transforming a certain industry. While most tech enthusiasts know of … Read more →

Augmented reality in education: A new step towards the future

The fast-paced developed of any technology and incorporating them into teaching methods and approaches can help in enhancing the learning experience for students. Learning has evolved over the centuries and augmented reality in education is the next stage of evolution in education. What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality is an off-shoot of the virtual reality … Read more →

The Personalisation of the Digital Printing Industry in 2018

In 2017 digital printing exploded into a vibrant, innovative industry, continually breaking new boundaries and had projections of reaching $187.7 billion in 2018. There is no sign of this trend slowing down, but the unique aspect that has come out of the industry is personalised printing, the indications are that people want their print their … Read more →

Industries That Are Utilizing 3D Models

3D models are now being purchased by many industries. These industries that purchase 3D software are the largest users of 3D models. The demand for 3D modes has increased and continues to increase with time. So, which are the industries that are using 3D models? 1. Film and media The film and media industry uses … Read more →

Benefits of 3D Printing Technology

The advanced inventions have shown a massive change in the world of technology. 3D printing is the outcome of the modern technology that is exciting, fun and useful. This technology is everywhere now; it is used in aircraft, automotive industry, packaging industry and more. The photo paper used in this type of printing is exclusive … Read more →

Why Investing in a 3D Printer May Be Great for Your Small Business

Today a growing number of entrepreneurs have discovered benefits in owning a 3D printer. This innovative technology supports firms engaged in a variety of different industries and economic sectors. By 2022, some experts believe the marketplace for this form of generating three-dimensional objects will reach $30.19 billion worldwide. The average price of 3D printers for … Read more →

3D Printed Food – The Future of Cooking?

The advent of 3D printing is making new waves of innovation in industries from fashion to biotech. The technology is driving such noble accomplishments as creating custom prosthetics and surgical models in the medical field, new engineering techniques in the world of renewable energies such as wind turbines, and transforming architectural design. There’s even a … Read more →