Large-scale Manufacturing as Easy as 1-2-3

The business community is in dire need of a manufacturing solution. Yes, they have traditional methods, and no, they are no longer enough to cope with the demands. With factories shutting down due to the pandemic and businesses looking to cut expenses, the option to buy industrial 3D printer online comes as a boon.

Here is a list of the main ways 3D printing helps businesses achieve more efficient performance levels.

Faster output speed

3D printers are capable of producing quick iterations of the intended product using multiple filament heads and a CAD (computer-aided design) file. A faster production line means more product movement and sales.

Large build volume

Industrial 3D printers are used in the production of components that are used in manufacturing processes. High-quality industrial printers come with a build volume as high as 600 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm, much more than the volume available in other 3D printers.

High precision

3D printers such as the CreatBot PEEK-300 3D printer are best known for producing components that are accurate to the minutest detail up to 0.05 mm. This makes the component fit for use in large machines and assemblies.

Minimal space requirement

Traditional manufacturing equipment required a huge amount of space on the factory floor. With modern 3D printers, the space occupied by manufacturing equipment is reduced to a minimum, allowing for more room for other essential things.


Modern 3D printers come with advanced air filtration systems and stable metal bodies to prevent air and noise pollution. This ensures a safe environment for printing parts without damaging the surroundings.

Other features

3D printers come with additional features such as outage detection, touchscreen interface, filament detection, etc. This makes operating them easy and with little training. It also ensures that the 3D printers require little maintenance and work efficiently for a long time.

Industries using 3D printing

Businesses looking to buy industrial 3D printer online fall into many industries. Here are some of the primary ones in which 3D printers find their applications.

  • Education – To make products that act as teaching aids and research project prototypes.
  • Aerospace – To fabricate durable parts that can withstand extreme pressure and temperatures.
  • Defense – To construct parts used in military equipment and weapons systems.
  • Medical – To produce artificial organs and prosthetics used in advanced surgeries.
  • Advanced Manufacturing – To make components in large volumes to be used in the construction of large-scale machines and assemblies.

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