Why You Should Be Watching The Olympics On An LCD TV

Thousands of pub and bar owners are being threatened with legal action which could result in fines or even prison for showing Premier League games on their TVs.

The Premier League, in cahoots with BSkyB are intending to begin a campaign of prosecutions against publicans who don’t have subscriptions to watch matches privately but not to show them to a wider audience. Earlier this month the premier league won a copyright case which found against pubs who used non-British decoders and cards to get around pre-existing rules that were held in the subscription contracts that bar owners had signed.

The League and BSkyB will be letting any potential abusers of their service know about their intentions to take this hard line against illegal rediffusion in a series of adverts taken out in trade press magazines.

The Premier League and BSkyB are taking their rights to only allow pubs with the right permissions to show games to their customers as one landlord in Shenfield, Essex has found out. Frederic Young was found guilty of dishonest reception of a television transmission and ordered to pay £2,500 each for six offences relating to showing games to his customers. He was also ordered to pay £4,522 in costs.

Landlords Review Whether They Can Afford To Show Sports On Their Flatscreen LCDs

A license to show BSkyB’s coverage of the Premier League costs around £500 per month and these days many pubs and bars can’t afford that sort of outlay, given that so many have closed down since the beginning of the recession. So, where are you going to watch sports if you can’t watch the game down the pub with your mates?

With London hosting the Olympics sports will be more at the top of everyone’s agenda than ever before and if Britain’s pubs are shy about playing live or even recorded events for fear of huge fines imposed by the courts thanks to prosecutions brought by the broadcast companies then it might be time to finally consider buying your own LCD television to watch the matches and games at home this year.

Record, View And Review Clashing Fixtures On Your LCD or LED TV

2012 is set to be a really rich year for sports fans in the UK, as well as London hosting the Summer Olympics the capital will also be hosting the Amlin Challenge Cup and Heineken Cup Finals. That’s a lot of sport all in one city so that still leaves all the sports that are happening in the rest of the country as well as the rest of the world. As well as sport like football, rugby snooker and darts a high quality HD LED TV allows you to really enjoy fast moving sports such as rally, NASCAR, skiing and even the Red Bull Air Race in such fine detail that the images appear to be almost in 3D. Of course if you actually went for a 3D TV these sports would blow your mind! Of course it’s not just the high octane sports that keep us captivated, do you remember the Japanese Winter Olympics when no-one could make it in to work on time because we’d all been staying up until four in the morning following the curling? No one understood the rules, it’s like bowls, on ice, with teams of three, two of whom carry brooms. Utter nonsense, utterly absorbing!

Watch One Channel And Record Another On Your LCD TV, Review Them Later

If you’re a big sports fan you’ll probably be into action movies too, come on guys, don’t try and con me that after a few hours on the pitch on a Sunday you come home to watch a good Tarkovsky movie or a rom-com with your other half! What you want is something big and loud on DVD or Blu-ray, watching something fast and furious on a top rated LCD TV is the perfect way to unwind before starting back at work on a Monday morning.

But it’s not just about sports and action, watching wildlife shows has taken on an entirely new aspect what with the super high quality documentaries that are being made by such people as David Attenborough  for the BBC. When I was a kid I used to love watching nature documentaries on TV, I thought I had grown out of it but watching shows like Frozen Planet and Planet Earth brought back the same childlike fascination with nature once again.

Guest article provided by a TechPatio reader.

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  1. When I saw lines of your post, why not LED.what do you think if I gonna buy LED ?
    Which LED you like to suggest me coz I’m thinking to buy for long time.

  2. Nice review and I’m planning to for LCD TV as every one of my friends are saying the picture clarity is pretty awesome.

  3. I think the first part of your post about the pubs/bars is deeply worrying.
    As you say its that fine line between is you pay the silly £500 a month to show the games you will struggle to make ends meet. whereas if you don’t have the football on atall you lose customers and then struggle to make ends meet, it’s a catch 22 IMO.

  4. I have an LCD TV and I was thinking a lot of the things the author posted, but really I would most like it if I could watch the Olympics live! 🙂

  5. I like this post definitely. I have my LCD TV and i used it as my monitor of my desktop. I used HDMI for better and clear images, i try watching movies and even my favorite game; soccer via online. Its satisfied me a lot. 🙂

  6. To buy LCD TV is the good choice for watching TV becasue LCD TV will you fantastic display of picture. I really enjoy to watch different sports on the LCD screen.

  7. LCD technology has improved considerably with the reveal of LED TVs in 2010. However, Plasma TVs are still slightly better when it comes to sports and video games which require fast response

  8. The refresh rate must be at least 120 Hz. Otherwise,you will experience the motion blur problem while you are watching your favourite team’s match which is very frustrating.


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