Why Solar? 11 Reasons to Invest in Solar Power

Solar has had an average growth rate of 50% for the last ten years. It’s clearly more than a short-lived trend. In addition to solar panels, you can now find solar-powered cars, generators, and even lamps. Are you on the fence about buying a solar product? It’s easy to think they’re all hype. But if you let those … Read more →

Reduce Your Electric Bill By Home Solar Kit

With home energy costs rising continuously, homeowners are taking a serious, hard look at alternative power sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels. To have home solar power system installed by a professional, however, is excessively expensive. Prices start at a minimum of $3000 and only rise quickly from there. Another option, however, has … Read more →

Solar Panels Projects Are Under Threat

Solar Panel projects are being slashed according to government sources today, with government ministers stating that the commercial solar farms are benefitting from feed in traffics. The government have also stated that they will be looking to take off in the region of £40million pounds from the yearly budgets or 10% from any projected costs … Read more →

Open Planet Ideas – Innovation by the people for the planet

Technology is deemed a very good thing for us.  It makes our lives easier and better. That is why Open Planet Ideas, in conjunction with Sony and WWF, is inviting you to help create a clean and green environment for the present and future generations with the use of existing technologies. If you have a … Read more →

Kinesis K3 Solar/Wind Power Portable Charger

Don’t you just hate being stuck out in the woods without any power and your iPhone is about to run empty? Get yourself a K3 from Kinesis Industries! This gadget can charge your cell phone, MP3 player etc., either by solar or wind power. The K3 is somewhat waterproof but otherwise heavy duty. It will … Read more →

Grab Energy Out Of The Air And Charge Your Devices

You probably have tried it several times already, running low on battery – or maybe even empty – with your mobile device. Specially if you have an iPhone or other similar media-fancy device, thanks to all the power hungry technologies such as 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, big touchscreens etc. Fear no longer, cause Nokia is having … Read more →