Grab Energy Out Of The Air And Charge Your Devices

Nokia logoYou probably have tried it several times already, running low on battery – or maybe even empty – with your mobile device. Specially if you have an iPhone or other similar media-fancy device, thanks to all the power hungry technologies such as 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, big touchscreens etc.

Fear no longer, cause Nokia is having something up their sleeve. They are trying to “grab” energy out of the air around us, or more specifically, the electromagnetic radio waves.

The air around us is loaded with all kinds of radio waves, though in small quantities. The goal from Nokia is to be able to achieve 50 milliwatts only by energy from the radio waves around us, which should be enough to keep most devices running in standby mode. With the current prototypes Nokia is only able to pull 3-5 milliwatts but hope to supplement with solar power and have it ready in a mobile device in 3-4 years.


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