Quick Tip: Safari 4 Switch Tab Touchpad Gesture

Safari switch tab touchpad gestureI noticed a few users came visiting my blog searching for how to switch tabs in Safari 4 using gestures, so here’s a quick tip for them (and you too, of course). I used to have this functionality in my own Safari 4 (and Firefox before 3.5 supported multi touchpad gestures), but since it’s controlled by a so called “inputmanager”, I decided to remove it again when Firefox 3.5 came out. I never really had any bad experiences with this input manager software, I just read a lot of places that input managers can cause certain things to happen and I would rather have as less clutter in my system / system preferences, as possible.

But if you want to go ahead and give it a go, be my guest. As I said, I never had any issues with this particular input manager. The one you’ll be going after is called MultiClutch. This application, which is actually a system preferences pane, will allow you to set certain gestures in certain applications.

It’s pretty straight forward actually, so just go ahead and give it a go.

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