Kinesis K3 Solar/Wind Power Portable Charger

Kinesis K3 Wind/Solar power charger

Don’t you just hate being stuck out in the woods without any power and your iPhone is about to run empty?

Get yourself a K3 from Kinesis Industries!

This gadget can charge your cell phone, MP3 player etc., either by solar or wind power. The K3 is somewhat waterproof but otherwise heavy duty. It will provide 30 minutes of talk time or 300 minutes of music after one hour.

When full, it can charge a cellphone about 5 times and an iPod or similar about 10 times.

It has USB port built-in and comes with various tips and an inside space for storing them. If you need additional tips (converters), you can probably find them online at $10-$15 each.

I seem to recall a price of around $100 for the K3 itself, but I’m not sure though.

The Kinesis K3 should already be available, but probably not in all countries.

For more information, visit Kinesis Industries.

6 thoughts on “Kinesis K3 Solar/Wind Power Portable Charger”

  1. I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

    • Hi Eric,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

      I’d be honored to appear in your blogroll! Unfortunately I do not have a blogroll here (yet), so I cannot return the favor 🙁 But, your link from this comment is a “do follow” link, so you will get at least that backlink…

  2. That is awesome! Great for hiking and camping trips or the common power outages we have here in the southern U.S. after violent thunderstorms. I hate being without my cell phone and iPod – am going to check this thing out.

  3. If I was more the “outdoor type”, than what I am now, I’d probably get one too 🙂 But with the power outages we have in Malta, I don’t really need it. Usually the power is restored within a few hours, so the laptop will run on battery and if it does, there’s always the iPhone…

  4. I think this appliamce will never work for everyone. I mean, it seems really weird for me to have such a thing, besides electricity is everywhere nowadays and I would prefer an extra battery to this thing


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