Man-made Salt Water Clouds To Stop Global Warming?

Global Warming Polar BearBjørn Lomborg, Danish author, academic and environmental writer, just came out with a new idea on how to stop global warming: Man-made clouds made by vaporizing ocean salt water up into the air!

He estimates that the project would cost somewhere around 8.5 billion dollars and if I remember correctly, he mentioned something with 1900 boats around the world. The boats would sail around, “blowing” salt water up into the air to make clouds.

The clouds will then cause less sunbeam to reach the ground = less heat and less global warming.

Side effects? None, except the fact that if it doesn’t work, the money is wasted. And you’d have to maintain the boats and continue blowing water up there, otherwise – if it actually does work and you stop doing it – the effects will also disappear.

Unfortunately I don’t have my copy of Glenn Beck’s “An Inconvenient Book” with me right now, otherwise I’d put some quotes from it into this post. He has some interesting views on the whole global warming issue – but bottom line, it sounds like he doesn’t believe CO2 to be the cause of it all. He actually suggests people to buy Hummers and get that extra ground clearance, for when the oceans will start to flood the streets (irony, I hope…). If you haven’t read the book yet, I’d suggest you check it out – it’s a book about real solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

What do you think, could salt water clouds be the solution?

2 thoughts on “Man-made Salt Water Clouds To Stop Global Warming?”

  1. Ummm that’s kind of stupid. I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure the reason we have the salt flats out Utah way is because salt doesn’t evaporate.

    I’ll do a test….

    ok I blowed on some salt and it just landed on the floor.

    I’ll do another test…

    Ok the hairdryer broke and the glass is full of scummy salt deposits.

    Can I get my money back? LOL
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