Why Solar? 11 Reasons to Invest in Solar Power

Solar has had an average growth rate of 50% for the last ten years. It’s clearly more than a short-lived trend. In addition to solar panels, you can now find solar-powered cars, generators, and even lamps.

Are you on the fence about buying a solar product? It’s easy to think they’re all hype. But if you let those concerns stop you, you’ll miss out on some innovative solar solutions.

The world’s going solar, and you should too. Read on and discover why solar energy is worth the investment.

1. Why Solar Will Lead to Returns on Your Investment

When you switch to solar, the device will pay for itself over time. The common example is, of course, solar panels. Although they have a big up-front cost, the energy savings will eventually offset your purchase.

But it doesn’t just apply to solar panels. You can find beautiful solar lights that take in the sun during the day and emit them at night, as well as bigger items such as hybrid vehicles.

All of these may be more expensive than the traditional choice, but the savings add up.

2. Reduce Your Dependence on Fossil Fuels

When you flip on the light, do you ever consider where the energy comes from? There’s one likely answer: Fossil fuels. And unfortunately, they won’t last forever.

As fossil fuels continue to disappear, you can expect devastating changes in the global energy market. These could lead to vastly increased electric bills — or worse.

But there’s a solution. Every person that makes the switch to solar-powered devices helps the United States push towards energy independence.

3. Enjoy Reduced Electric Bills

Energy prices continue to soar year after year. So why not make your own? That’s the point of solar power.

After adopting solar products, you’ll use less energy from the power grid. These items charge themselves, without the need of an electrical socket. You’ll reduce the average cost of your electric bill and start saving money right away.

4. Protect Yourself in Case of Emergency

Sometimes the local power grid experiences hiccups. This might occur during a storm or times of high energy demand. When you’re dependent on local energy, you have no choice but to sit and wait when the power goes out.

But solar products will continue to function even when the city is out of power. You only need to worry about is keeping them in the sun from time to time. In fact, you could get yourself a solar generator and power your house while your neighbors sit in the dark.

5. Minimize Your Environmental Impact

Going solar is one of the best ways to live a more sustainable life. Fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and even hydropower all have a negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to avoid these types of energy.

Unless, of course, you use solar power. You don’t need 100% solar power to be more eco-friendly. Even small changes reduce your energy consumption and thus your environmental impact.

6. Display Your Sustainable Commitment

There’s a culture behind green energy. It’s become increasingly hip to make an environmental difference. As more adopters make a switch, this trend is likely to continue.

Don’t just talk the talk. Swapping to solar products is an easy way to show people you’re savvy and environmentally conscious.

7. Increase the Value of Your Home

According to the Department of Energy, solar products will increase your home’s value. Whether it’s a solar panel system or a home appliance, consumers will be happy to pay more.

A solar device already offers a great return on your investment. But you’ll snatch even better returns if you later decide to sell your home with the attached appliances.

8. Prepare Your Home for the Future

Renewable energy is the future. The industry continues to create massive changes that make solar more feasible than fossil fuels. For example, installation costs for a solar panel are down 75% since 2006.

As renewable energy nears the price of fossil fuels, it will continue to overtake the market. By making the change now, you’ll be ahead of the curve and already own solar-powered products.

9. Support the Renewable Energy Industry

You’re putting money in the hands of the renewable energy industry when you buy their merchandise. This will enable them to develop and roll out more efficient technologies across the country.

Not only is it great for the planet, but it’s great for people, too. As this industry grows, it will continue to hire new workers and provide work for more families.

10. Take Advantage of State Discounts

As if you needed more reasons to use solar energy, you can’t forget about state discounts. Many states will subsidize your purchase of solar panels, for example, or provide tax credits.

Solar is cheaper than ever, and even more affordable thanks to these special discounts. It’s best to take advantage of them now while they’re still here.

11. Set New Trends

In many ways, renewable energy is still in its infancy. Get started now and become a positive example and trendsetter in your neighborhood.

Your solar panels are sure to draw eyes, as well as any solar-powered gadgets you have sitting on your property. Make a statement in your local community and educate others of your experience with solar power.

It’s Time to Make the Switch to Solar

You don’t need to refurbish your home or trash every electronic device you own. Start your transition with a small gadget or two and discover why solar is more than just hype. It offers cost-savings, environmental protection, and social currency.

So what are you waiting for?

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