Importance of API Testing in Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture has been gaining significant recognition in the world of software industry. The reason is that it offers a wide range of flexible and scalable applications. It requires segmenting the application into independent services to provide numerous benefits for the end-users. When it comes to implementing API testing for microservices architecture, you are bound … Read more →

Understanding API: Everything You Need to Know

Every now and then, a certain piece of technology will become a buzzword. Everyone’s talking about it. You’ll hear the term thrown around left, right and centre. In the office. Even outside of the office. One of these terms at the moment? API. If you’re unsure what API is and want to learn more, understand … Read more →

3 Tips for Creating a Successful API Solution

Data has unarguably become one of the most prized assets of an organization. However, data-centric businesses require a successful application programming interface (API) platform to power digital transformation and agility initiatives. The benefits of APIs are understated. It enables data monetization, forging profitable alliances, and growth opportunities. That said, it’s now relatively easy to create … Read more →

Latest Snowflake External Functions

Often the workloads of modern analytics need complex augmentations or transformations that require using third-party services or custom code. Using external libraries and services complicate the pipelines of data. In order to simplify the remote services, the team of Snowflake has created some external functions that enable customers to invoke custom code and external APIs … Read more →

Find the Impacts of Real time Voice Chat API for Dating Apps

Introduction: Dating has not changed much, but online dating has certainly created a shift in the paradigm. There are many dating apps that make meeting new people easier than ever. Communication with potential dating partners depended on their proximity they could establish to know each other. However, the internet and the usage of communication APIs have now … Read more →

How APIs Help Businesses to Deliver Value

For a growing number of businesses, apps have become the most important way they connect with their customers. Just look at your device and this readily becomes apparent as the odds are that you have apps from several brands that you connect with on an almost daily basis. However, there is another level of connection … Read more →

BlackBerry API Gears Up For Mobile Shopping

With the imminent arrival of the new Motorola ES400, RIM is already adding EDA-like capabilities to its Blackberry phones. When the BlackBerry 6 mobile operating system was released with the BlackBerry Torch 9800, it already supported an API for barcode scanning, one of the main features of a typical EDA. An API or Application Programming … Read more →