Java is the most popular programming language in the world. There are more than nine million programmers and it is present in seven billion devices in the world. Almost nothing. So, if you want to learn how to program, Java is an option that can not be missing among your abilities. Inquiring about applications and tutorials, I’ve noticed that the majority is in English. But I do not want you to be discouraged by that, remember that technical programming terms are practically universal and easy to learn. Courage, I assure you it will be worth the effort.


with this application you can learn Java concepts, from the most basic to the most advanced, program directly in the code editor, ask and answer questions in the user community, and challenge others through games. Sololearn also includes courses from other programming languages. It’s totally free. It is not yet in Spanish, only in English.

Learn Java from Zero:

It is one of the few applications in Spanish that you will get in Java. It is also an application that you can accompany with the website from which it arises: learn to program. On the website you will get a comprehensive tutorial, both basic and advanced concepts and strategies.

Java Programming:

This application has an interactive interface, with more than 45 examples of Java programs, so you can explore the methods and their results. It is a good way to learn, because you will learn by doing. It’s only available in English.

Learn Java as if it were in first:

The Technological Campus of the University of Navarra offers us a vast PDF tutorial to learn Java from scratch. Of course, you should bear in mind that this tutorial is from the year 2000, so it can be useful to get started in this world, but not for the latest language updates.

Introduction to Java programming:

On the website of IBM developers Works there are several tutorials to learn how to program in Java. Part 1 is meant to let you know the fundamental concepts. Part 2 presents the syntax and libraries for you to build simple programs. You can download them in PDF or see them directly on the web.

Java online tutorial (Oracle):

You cannot miss the tutorial of the official Java page. It is very broad and is updated with the latest version of the language. However, as a lot of valuable information on the web, it is only available in English.

Stack Overflow:

The stack overflow community has thousands of questions and answers about programming. Of course, since Java is the most popular language, in stack overflow there will be no shortage of solutions to almost any problem or doubt that comes your way. Currently, you can get a stack overflow community in Spanish. However, the site in English is much more active and popular. In the English version you can also get “Java documentation”, which is something like a tutorial.

Now Here you will get the list of tutorials for learning Java but you will get complete information about the best one from here.

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