How to Leverage Technology to Build a Successful Career

Tips to Leverage Technology and Make Money Online The Internet gives you the ability to leverage technology to build a successful online career. It’s an ideal way to make money as you can build passive income or get well-paying projects. If you’re asking, “what does it mean to leverage technology?”, the Internet brings the world … Read more →

Why The iPhone Is So Useful For Freelancers

Using an iPhone isn’t an uncommon thing; in the US alone, about 100 million people are proud iPhone owners! It’s a very popular smartphone model, and it seems to have a real edge over its Android competition – but why is that?  Well, we don’t have all the answers, but we can certainly tell you … Read more →

How To Manage Freelancers

Getting freelancers to work for you is a difficult thing to be doing in itself. As compared to a traditional hiring procedure, hiring a freelancer is kind of like hiring another business to work for you. Unlike typical employees who may or may not have the experience necessary for the task, freelancers are frequently more … Read more →

The art of the “side-hustle”

For the better part of an adult life, the only thing you will spend more time on outside of work is sleeping. People identify as their job and without it can become lost, stressed and without purpose. Millennials have seen the negative impact of this mindset and are pushing for change – this has led … Read more →

How Gig Economy Is Helping College Grads In Learning New Skills And Getting Real Time Experience

The career world has rapidly changed and these days, long-term careers and people working in just one job are slowly but steadily becoming a thing of the past. In fact, according to research, in the year 2015, between three people, one person in Australia was doing some sort of freelance or contract work. There are … Read more →

Workfast – Check out the latest tech aiding businesses on their temp staff needs

In the early days, technological advancements were mainly associated with efficiency. It meant that human intervention was taken out of the equation and replaced with automation, thereby changing the very foundations of how work was carried out. As most would initially imagine, digital is all about emotionless efficiency and taking out the distinct human touch, … Read more →

10 Tips for Working with a Mobile App Developer Freelancer

I’ve recently decided to get into the mobile apps industry. I had great ideas but little experience in code and app development, which meant I had to find another solution for executing my plan of launching an app. Through the process of looking for a developer, characterizing the app in a proper way, handling ongoing … Read more →

(Fixed) Mac OS X Lion: /etc/hosts stopped working in 10.7.2, being ignored

Besides running this blog, I’m also a freelance web-developer, so I sometimes have a need to modify my local “hosts” file on my Mac, in order to get development/local domains to point to my local web server and also to apply DNS changes before they have propagated through the entire Internet. Usually, you’d do something … Read more →