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workfast-logoIn the early days, technological advancements were mainly associated with efficiency. It meant that human intervention was taken out of the equation and replaced with automation, thereby changing the very foundations of how work was carried out. As most would initially imagine, digital is all about emotionless efficiency and taking out the distinct human touch, yes? Actually, no.

These days, thanks to the ever-evolving advancements in social media and collaboration, digital tech has once again transformed work – drastically augmenting brain and brawn to improve both the collaborative and cognitive aspects of work and also pushing the physical possibilities of humans, highly supporting the reorganization of the workforce into open environments to enable greater collaboration, democratizing how work is conducted, breaking down conventional boundaries, and thus forever changing our ideas and perspectives on how an organization must be run from every level — from the bottom all the way to the top.

Simply put, this new tech is quite far from dehumanizing. It is actually the future of work. It is more democratic, networked, and humane. It is exactly what shall make work become radically more human in many ways: more collaborative, more flexible, more tailored to individual strengths, and more meaningful to both employers and employees within the organization.

Before the digital age, companies usually are content getting by with underestimating the role of workforce planning, and as a result, their businesses suffer tremendously due to unexpected skilled manpower shortages.

What options does a business owner have if he needs to hire new people, and not just any one, but those who are the right ones for the job?

Enter Workfast, an On Demand temporary staff and labour hire agency headquartered in Sydney, Australia, providing companies flexible temp workers with just a few clicks. They provide workers for all industries including skilled labour hire, office administration, event staff, promotions, general services or hospitality, and warehousing and logistics staff.

Nowadays, the methods of labour hire is rapidly evolving, and on demand employees are becoming more ideal alternatives than traditional temp agency workers due to the benefits of cost efficiency (up to 30% cheaper than agency rates) and there is no time wasted on scouting for the right employees.

Workfast gives business and company owners a great choice over the traditional temp agency, empowering them with the ability to employ temporary labour hire staff whenever they need to and for as long as they want to. Workfast’s ultimate goal is to help companies increase productivity while at the same time reduce costs; thus, their technology helps companies save significantly!

business-woman-working-with-ipadWhat about the employees? As a skilled worker, you can also make use of Workfast’s program to land you that job you’re vying for, and fast. Workfast can be accessed either on your computer/laptop, or you can download the app to your smartphone or tablet (from the Apple App store or Google Play).

After registering and completing your worker profile, you can then start bidding for work. It is up to you to choose where, when, and for whom you want to work. Workfast offers two options: either be a contractor or be an employee. This means you can choose from a selection of various workplaces – test the waters before finally setting up your own business, or simply find opportunities to earn extra money.

Both employers and employees can rate each other on Workfast. Gaining positive feedbacks will potentially bring in more work opportunities for the employees, and most likely a higher pay rate. Meanwhile, positive reviews earned by employers would result to getting more bids quickly on work they offer in the future.

3 thoughts on “Workfast – Check out the latest tech aiding businesses on their temp staff needs”

  1. Nive article about Workfast and how it connects workers with employers. I wonder what future technology has in store! Will Robots replace workers? I hope not!!!

  2. Wow, this is a really interesting idea “you can then start bidding for work. It is up to you to choose where, when, and for whom you want to work”. I wonder if it works out good for the workers who use the service?

    The ability to choose between being a contractor or an employee seems like a good benefit for certain people who prefer to be self employed.


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