How To Get American Netflix In Australia

Despite the launch of Australian Netflix in 2015, a lot of Aussies still hunt for ways to unblock US Netflix. Though a lot of content has been added each month to the Australian Netflix and the selection of movies and TV shows is getting better, it still pales in comparison to what is shown on the US version of Netflix.

Since then, various threads have been engendered in Australian communities/forums seeking for recommendations and suggestions regarding how Australians can access US version of Netflix? The answer could be any top VPN service provider but when it comes to stability, reliability and speed, you will get a general consensus from the Aussies on PureVPN – as best Australian VPN Service

Here is what some of the old forum geeks have to say about PureVPN.

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Why Do Australians Love Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Other Channels?

Despite the presence of various available websites such as Quickflix, Foxtel and Amazon, thousands and thousands of Aussies & expats excess Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other channels. Here are the 5 highest estimates of expats in Australia, who aspire to stream these channels flawlessly from their homes, dorms or any convenient location.

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Some of these expats are on work visa, some are studying in Australian universities mainly Chinese, Indians and students from Far East Asian and European countries. Other than Netflix, they also need to access their home country channels with good streaming quality. This is why PureVPN appears to be as a one stop solution for Aussies, Immigrants, Students and anyone wishes to stream any restricted channel without any hassle.

The Solution:

In simple words get your own private IP address, stop getting locked out, stop using free or VPNs with limited number of servers. You should get your own dedicated IP address from the VPN service provider and stop using the shared one. Even if you are looking for some other VPN service providers, look for the ones offering a stable ‘Dedicated IP Address” or “Static IP”. Services like these will allow you to stream US version of Netflix without any hassle. This is by far the easiest solution.

Remember, not every VPN can ensure the unblemished access to the US Netflix and this is something making Aussies cautious about their choice and money they want to spend on a particular service. They seek for recommendations on various discussion threads, yet the opinions are misleading. On the other hand, PureVPN being the most reliable in the industry offers stable access to US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and any channel with its 24/7 support team to assist your queries in real time.

For the Australian nationals travelling outside the country, a possible solution is to host their own VPN at home so that they can watch while travelling internationally. If they only need to stream any local channel while traveling abroad, you can do so by following this option. This trick will also work in other countries as well. However, you might be limited by the upload bandwidth, as home connections usually don’t offer good upload speeds.

Guest article written by: Sufian Farrukh is an Online Security Analyst, associated with one of the leading Virtual Private Network service provider in the industry, PureVPN. He covers a variety of security & privacy related issues and designs awareness campaign for millennial.

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  1. Nice article for Netflix viewers. Since it launched in 2015, the Australian version of Netflix has been adding a steady stream of content each month. Ultimately, if you’re keen to take advantage of region switching, paying for a VPN service will give you the best results.


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