How To Manage Freelancers

Getting freelancers to work for you is a difficult thing to be doing in itself. As compared to a traditional hiring procedure, hiring a freelancer is kind of like hiring another business to work for you. Unlike typical employees who may or may not have the experience necessary for the task, freelancers are frequently more skilled and have industry experience as well. For such practical resources, management does become a challenge, and for that, the tips mentioned below need to be followed at all costs.

Get the right freelancers

Before you decide to contract freelancers, the initial step is to find the right ones for the job. While you may think that a simple social media callout or profile search will be useful, you often need a more tailored approach. There are countless websites on the internet through which you can look for people to work for you, and using them, you can build your team from the ground up. Besides, you will also be able to find their rates and can select professionals who fit in your budget.

Communicate efficiently

As long as the project is in operation, you will undoubtedly be communicating back and forth between your freelancers. However, that doesn’t mean you can ring them in the middle of the night and ask for progress. Freelancers are working from a decentralized location, and in case your freelancer is located in a different time zone, you might have to set up a time when calls would take place. If you really need to get your message across, drop them an email or text on social media.

Establish payment routes

Unlike a regular job, where the salaries are deposited once a month, the terms of payment for freelancing can be quite different. Some freelancers demand payment every week, while some require 50% of the total payment upfront. Regardless of the terms proposed, you need to get in touch and come to a settlement that would be suitable for both parties involved. To improve trust between your company and your freelancers, you can even rely on an escrow service.

Maintain trustworthiness 

Having a freelancer working on your project doesn’t mean you can treat them as second class citizens over your normal employees. Freelancers frequently feel alienated from the company environment, and as a result, they tend to lose faith in their employers. That is unacceptable. If you follow Brian Greenberg’s advice, who has accumulated 50 million in revenues from his business, and also has experience in managing remote teams, says that his company has a slogan, which is ABN. ABN stands for Always Be Nice, and unlike the ABC (Always Be Closing) slogan followed by other companies, allows for holistic development across the board. 

Be frank with work expectations 

When you hire a freelancer for any sort of project, you should state the work requirements from the get-go. It is an untrustworthy practice to keep it secret and only bringing it into play when it is in your favour. If you need someone to work long hours at night, let them know about it first. If they have any suggestions to make, be attentive and a good listener. 

Guest article written by: Claire Thomas

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  2. Great article. I also suggest loyalty! Loyalty to thos freelancers which deliver great work; on schedule.
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