Let your Call Center Evolve with CCaaS

The cloud has influenced almost every business decision that you have taken recently, and it will keep on doing so in the future as well. Cloud services and cloud platforms all deliver excellent services with scalable and flexible outcomes.

Cloud is also influencing the contact centers, the first and most crucial point of communication for all your customers. Adopting call center as a service and not as a traditional set up is something that helps your business and lets it focus on more important things, more important decisions. The success of a business can be measured by how happy its customers are with the services provided. A cloud contact center makes sure that your customers and agents both are pleased with the services and give their maximum to your business in return, helping it bloom and succeed. 

What is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a service based on the cloud. It allows businesses to buy or to adopt call center services from an external service provider. A CCaaS model provides room for flexibility and scalability. In a cloud contact-center-as-a-service environment, businesses pay only for what they use and whatever period they use. It is also easier for companies to upscale or downscale according to the requirements of the business.

CCaaS is a SaaS (Software as a service) exclusive to contact centers. Various organizations offer these and help in giving a small or medium-sized business, a contact center that is ready to deploy. CCaaS fits the requirements and makes it easy for companies to use a contact center service at their own will and pay for it based on a subscription model.

How Cloud Drives Growth for CCaaS?

We have all heard about the cloud. It has been here for some time now and is also trying to acquire and leave its mark on every business process it can. The cloud helps in maintaining and safekeeping customer information for different businesses. It also stores the information in a secure environment, one that is protected from data theft and leakage.

A cloud environment is also suitable for organizations that want a fast and efficient system without having to invest in hardware or advanced technologies. A Cloud CCaaS gives its users all the benefits of a contact center without the hassle of hiring extensive IT staff or acquiring high-end equipment.

In simpler terms, a cloud CCaaS environment is like enjoying all the benefits of a call center and leaving the associated work with the service provider. It’s like running your call center effortlessly.

Benefits of Cloud-Powered CCaaS

Cloud-powered CCaaS has many benefits, mainly because cloud as a technology is so versatile that there is much room for innovation and success. Let’s look at some of the significant benefits of moving to a CCaaS environment.

Saves Your Most Prized Asset: Cost

Any cloud model given as a service reduces the operating and maintenance costs significantly. Most cloud-based products and services have this common benefit of saving costs. Since there is no hardware investment and low power is required to run as compared to a traditional setup.

Cloud-based services also save costs reducing the number of IT staffing as the service providers handle all the problems that might come to your business way. Cloud services also help with reduced downtime and transparent costs by paying only for what you use. It saves up on the additional costs of buying hardware that you might never get to use or renting out extra space or power for future expansion plans. 

A cloud-based service environment or CCaaS also increases productivity, which in turn save costs as the agents are happy which means that the business has to put in fewer expenses on acquiring more staff or fewer expenses in the training and monitoring process. A CCaaS environment is also likely to keep the agents’ content and reduce the overall churn rate of the company. 

Win your Customers’ Heart with Better Customer Experience

Customers are the king of the contact center industry and finding a perfect balance to satisfy the customer can be essential in most cases. Here, customer satisfaction is one side of the barrel while agent experience and efficient processes is the other. Call center managers now leverage multichannel approach and instant gratification for all customer queries and smooth operations of the call center. 

CCaaS can be paired with Unified communications and VoIP (which is mostly the case) to give your contact center an all-around solution that helps your customers as well as your managers and agents. Unified communications are being picked up by almost every major organization these days. Having an amalgamation of UC (Unified Communications) and CCaaS can be beneficial for the customer as well as the agent experience of the call center. 

Call centers, when used as cloud CCaaS, will get their multichannel and omnichannel approach along with the efficiency of the cloud. What more can you ask for?

Keep Customers Happy; Agents Happier

Customers are essential; we all know that. However, the agents and agent experience are equally important to a call center. A happy agent will be able to serve customers in a much more efficient way than an unhappy one. 

Cloud solutions for a contact center improve the agent experience manifold by giving the agents an interactive and easy-to-use dashboard that they can work with without any interruptions. CCaaS promises minimum downtime and a fast and friendly environment for the agents. The agents are less frustrated and enjoy a working environment that helps them perform their optimum for the customers.

Reporting and Analytics: A Blessing in Disguise

Reporting and analytics are crucial when it comes to a call center. Managers and supervisors need to know what the agents are up to and where the agents are lacking. Cloud allows advanced analysis and reporting that helps managers by simplifying their tracking process.

Cloud also comes with the power of advanced analytics tools that help in a proper analysis of the contact center. In addition to that, a cloud CCaaS provide real-time tracking and analytics, which help the managers understand the agent performance better.

The power of cloud in the form of real-time tracking radically improves the supervisor or the manager experience. It makes the contact center operations a smooth drive to profits. 

More Scalability, Reliability, and Availability

Cloud CCaaS, by design, is a platform that comes as a single integrated solution for all enterprises and businesses. Cloud, wherever involved, gives the flexibility and scalability that helps a contact center grow and be economically smart.

A cloud CCaaS provided as a service can perform regular updates and keep up to date with the technology. Businesses need not worry about the logistics of the update as the service providers efficiently do them from their end and let businesses enjoy the smooth ride. 

Contact centers can decide what kind of solutions they want, when they want it and how many agents use the service. A CCaaS environment can also keep changing the requirements, which makes it much more scalable than a traditional setting. 


All these benefits of a cloud CCaaS environment are just an overview. Ditching your traditional call center for a cloud powered CCaaS can take a lot off your plates and free up your time for more essential things like business plans, future scope, and all the other important business decisions. 

With a cloud CCaaS environment, your business or your call center can have all the means for perfect customer service. One that helps all and serves all, without hindering any other business operations.

Guest article written by: Niharika Gupta is a technical writer at CallCenterHosting, a leading provider of predictive dialer. She loves music and reading and has always been fascinated with technology. Writing about technology and other related topics gives her the utmost happiness.
She believes words have the power to change the world and is working on turning her ideas into words every day. [email protected] – Twitter- https://twitter.com/Niharikagupta23 – LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/niharika-gupta-427b91179 – Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/niharika.gupta.180072

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