Nifty little PDF to Word converter software (Windows)

Being a Mac user myself, the ability to “print to PDF” has been built-in for many years, so I make a lot of PDF files actually, just because it’s a lot easier to send a PDF file to somebody than a Word document that you never know how the recipient is going to interpret, depending on what kind of Word processor they are using. With PDF, you pretty much get what you see – on all computer systems.

But sometimes, you might need to go the other way back, that is, convert pdf to word. And that’s where this little nifty app comes in handy, if you’re a Windows user, that is. The app is conveniently called PDF to Word Converter and is made by Quick-PDF software. A single-user personal license is currently on discount at $29.95 and a business single user license is $49.95. 

If you want to try it out first, there’s a 15 day demo that allows you to try out all the features, before you decide if you want to purchase or not.

Everybody can figure out how to use it – launch the app, select the PDF you want to convert, hit “Start Conversion” and wait for a moment and your PDF file is now ready to be edited in Word. Easy!