How to convert VHS to Digital

There are many reasons why you would want to convert your old VHS movies to digital copies for some it could be making space in their homes or for businesses who have older training materials and need to free up more office space, but for most of us, we simply want to preserve our old movies.  

Home movies, such as weddings, birthdays, christenings and more were all shot on amateur video cameras back in the day and many of us will have fond memories of these times.

Sadly, watching these old VHS tapes is becoming harder by the day and buying a VHS player can be expensive. This can lead to us storing our old movies which over time can become damaged by dust.

The best way to protect our old movies is to transfer them either to DVD, Blu Ray or to a digital format where you can then duplicate it into any method that you see fit.

How to convert your VHS to Digital

Firstly, you are going to need to clean your VHS tapes, chances are they have been sitting dormant for years and as a result are covered in dust, both outside and inside.  

Don’t use any cleaning products on the inside of your tape as that can cause damage and destroy your precious memories. Instead, give the inside a blow with your mouth and try to remove as much dust as possible.

You can move the tape on by placing your fingers in the tape holes and rewinding and forwarding as much as possible to clean the tape out.  

When the tape is clean you have a few options so you can convert your VHS into digital format. Firstly and probably the easiest way is to look for an online service such as Digital Converters to convert your tape for you.

This is the best option if you are not good with technology, have too many tapes to convert or are working on a budget. All you need to do is send your tapes to them and they will be sent back along with their digital copies. Simple.

The second method is for those people who like to learn more about technology and get hands-on. Firstly with the DIY method you are going to need a VHS and a built-in DVD player. These are known as combo players and can be found online. When you have one of these you will need to play the VHS while recording on DVD.

This method of digitising your VHS tapes is slower, more expensive and requires additional steps to take the DVD to digital. But if you are happy with the initial investment and only plan to convert some VHS here and there this could be an option for you.

The final step of this process is to then take your DVD and convert it to a digital file format. This digital file format can then be stored in multiple places such as on your computer hard drive, a removable hard drive, the cloud, other DVDs and many more places. Your baby’s first steps or your parent’s weddings are now safe and secure and that’s worth the investment of all of the above.

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