6 reasons why control will improve productivity

As ruthless statistics show, the average employee spends only 40% of his or her working time on his or her direct job tasks. With an 8-hour workday, that’s only 3 hours and 12 minutes. Therefore, the main problem facing employers is how to make sure that the employee works the remaining 4 hours and 48 minutes. This requires employee monitoring programs. Why? 

The first cause of distraction is employee use of entertainment sites and social networks during work hours. If an employee has access to the Internet, the temptation to watch funny videos on Youtube, check the news feed, or shop on Amazon is very great. If you simply tell employees not to do that, it’s unlikely to work. Employee monitoring software Enterprise allows you to set up a list of trusted sites that employees can use due to their job duties and block everything else.

The second reason is tasks that take too much time. Employee monitoring software allows you to see what an employee has spent time on during the day. In addition, employee tracking software shows the interaction of employees with each other, which gives you the opportunity to identify inefficient business processes or tasks that take too much time and change them. Firstly, it will improve the quality of the work process because there are fewer inefficiencies, and secondly, it will show employees that you care about them and not just watch to punish at the first opportunity.

The third reason follows from the second – you can identify effective and ineffective employees. You can immediately see who is overworking, who often goes out for a smoke, who copes with tasks, and who is procrastinating. And, using the available data, you can reward those who are clearly performing their work – this will increase their motivation and, therefore, their productivity. Those who are ineffective, on the other hand, can be moved to more appropriate work or replaced. Replacing employees with more productive ones will also affect the quality of your business.

The fourth reason is to improve the performance of your HR department. If you allow employees in that department to view statistics on the performance of employees from specific departments, HR will have a clearer idea of exactly what kind of person your team needs and will identify not just the best candidate, but exactly the one your team needs right now when interviewing. Needless to say, the clarity of evaluation criteria significantly improves the quality of the selection?

The fifth reason is the same as the installation of surveillance cameras. Everyone in the city knows that there are cameras, and if you try hard enough, you can find them. Therefore, when under surveillance, people behave more law-abiding and polite, because they understand that any violation of the law will be recorded and it will be impossible to hide it. The same is true with employee control software. Before installing the Staffcop agent, you notify your employee that he is entitled to keep track of his work equipment and any actions performed on it, and the employee becomes markedly more disciplined, realizing that he might be punished for wasting his time.

And finally, the sixth reason is the information security of the enterprise, It is no secret that any enterprise has confidential information, which is important for business. For example, a list of customers. And unscrupulous employees may try to steal this information – for many reasons. Or try to pass it on verbally to outsiders. Employee monitoring software allows you to identify data transmission, message content according to set dictionaries, as well as deviations in the norm of employee behavior, which allows you to react to all suspicious movements and messages in time.

As you have already noticed, programs for monitoring employees, are very useful, not only for the employer, but also for the employee. Especially nowadays, when a lot of people are working remotely. And you can always see for yourself by trying out the this software for free.

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