Is there a future for standalone GPS systems?

I’ve only owned one sat nav GPS system for a car, ever, which I bought several years ago. Since then, they have become much better, better UI, better GPS reception, better maps, better touch screen etc. I’ve considered many times whether or not I should buy one of the new sleek systems to have one of the best sat nav systems out there, but it’s an expense I simply cannot justify…

Why? Well, iPhone!

The iPhone only comes with built-in Google Maps. It can assist you on the road with driving instructions and such but it’s not very good, it kinda sucks, to be honest. However, there are software in the App Store which you can buy to get a better GPS solution. TomTom and Navigon both have an iPhone version of their GPS software in the App Store and even with local map versions as well, meaning you can just buy East USA if that’s what you need, without having to pay for mid and west too.

But there’s a downside. The iPhone does a decent job of acting like a GPS, but the built-in speaker doesn’t offer quite enough power to spoken instructions to be heard loud and clear if you’re on the freeway, I think. The screen might also not be big enough to touch all the buttons easily, view all the details of your route and such. That’s why there’s still a (small) market for standalone GPS systems like the ones you can find on

What GPS system do you use in your car, and why? Leave a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Is there a future for standalone GPS systems?”

  1. I love the built in system in my Honda. I used the iphone apps and yeah, it’s just not loud enough. Plus in-car systems have the luxury of automatically turning down your music or your bluetooth conversations (things that might make you miss a turn otherwise). The 3K or so for that in-car solution is definitely worth it in my opinion.

  2. As of now I don’t have any GPS system. But for me, like what you said, a stand alone GPS system will do much better than those built in ones.

  3. I usually just pull out my BlackBerry and use a app called Point. It works well enough for me. I have though about getting a GPS unit but i’m planning on switching to AT&T or Verizon for the iPhone 4 in the near future.

    I’ll probably buy a mount and use my iPhone 4 as a GPS.

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  5. well there is a future if they bring something new and instegrate with the vehicle / device using it …. it should have something more powerful than a iphone’s gps … i dont know what , maybe an extended antenna … 😛


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