Review: Nikon Lens Cup (24-70mm, 1:1, zoomable)

Hmm, a lens cup. How to review a lens cup. Well, it’s a cup. You can keep hot or cold drinks in it as well as drink from it. I guess that’s about it.

But if you want more information…

Canon lens cups have been around for quite some time now, though I doubt they were made by Canon themselves (like these Nikon lens cups are  not made by Nikon either!). Now, not many weeks ago, we began seeing Nikon lens cups appear as well.

Currently it would seem there are two models available. There’s the one I’m reviewing here, which is a 1:1 model of the 24-70mm lens. It’s also zoomable, but it doesn’t do anyhing than to raise or lower the inside of the cup, the metal thermo thingy that holds your drink. It doesn’t make room for more or less beverage.

Zoomed out...
Soft carrying case

This one comes in a black box that’s pretty messed up after being shipped from China, I imagine. Inside the box you’ll find a soft carrying case that you can hang over your shoulder if you want to walk around with a cup of hot joe. The lid on this cup seems secure and tight. You put it on (!) and twist it a little bit, that’s it. Unlike the lid on the lens cup I mention in just a moment, which has a lid that you screw on. I don’t know which one is best.

I'm glad it's not a real lens inside that box...

Will it go into the dishwasher? Sure! Is it safe? I don’t know. I’m not too sure about the quality of the print on this cup, it might fade quickly if you put it in the dish washer. If anybody knows for sure, please leave a comment below.

Pricing? Well, it’s $25.99 on eBay. I’m not a big cup shopper, but I’d say it’s rather expensive for a thermo cup like this. You’re paying for the “geek”-factor here, even if it’s just a cheap copy.

Then there’s the other lens cup which is also a 24-70mm lens. It doesn’t zoom but it comes in what looks a lot like a real Nikon/Nikkor lens box. It also comes with a soft pouch, but no carrying case. Greg did a review of that cup over at FroKnowsPhoto (great site by the way, check it out!).

Inside a Nikon Lens Cup

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  1. Nice review. Informative and really great, it almost made me to buy a nikon lens cup (but I will really buy as soon as I have money for it).

  2. Yes, agreed. Excellent “review” on the Lens Cup.

    You might also do a comparison or square off between the Nikon and Canon Lens Cups.

    Try to crown a champion and all that..

  3. Excellent Review, I am regular visitor of this blog, keep on writing these great posts, and I will be a regular visitor for a long time.

  4. Nice little review. I posted a link to it. Mine does not zoom though. Must be a thousand companies making these things. Here is my review:

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