Did you know you can manage your money using an iPhone?

For some of us, managing money is not as fun as spending them, am I right? But if there’s no money to spend, the fun suddenly disappears. And to have money to spend, you need a budget to manage your money carefully to make sure you can afford to spend money while also keeping a proper reserve for when times might get rough or if you lose your job or business goes down.

In a world where everything seems to be connected and smartphones here and smartphones there, there’s really no excuse for no longer keeping an eye on your money management. You don’t have to use a pen and paper to do it no more, just use your iPhone and/or a web browser.

Meet the free budget software from Mint with which you can easily create a budget based on previous spending. Mint can pull your account data securely and can even warn you when suspicious transactions occurs, like if you exceed your transportation budget by more than what you’re using on average in previous month.

To make it even more visible and easy to understand, Mint offers several pie charts for you to gaze on so you can see what you’re spending all your money on.

The cool thing here, is a synchronized electronic budget on both your personal computer and your iPhone. Just the way it should be. And it’s free!

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