Easynews upgrades usenet retention to 1450 days [free trial available]

Easynews just announced that they have upgraded retention on its NNTP-based Usenet service from 1330 days to a full 1450 days with a sustained completion rate of 99%+. This upgrade benefits all new and existing subscribers at no added cost. Retention for the Easynews web-based Usenet service, also available with all Easynews plans, remains at 200+ days along with 99%+ article completion.

If you’re not already familiar, Easynews’ newsgroup service offers 2 types of Usenet access with all plans:

Web-Based Usenet

The web-based service gives users direct access to Easynews Usenet via any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Just point your browser to Easynews.com and proceed to the Main Members Area. From there, users have 24×7 access to the Easynews web-Usenet interface for searching, previewing and transferring articles. You can watch a video tutorial of the Easynews web-Usenet interface in action here.

NNTP-Based Usenet

This is traditional Usenet service where users configure their newsreader of choice to the Easynews servers. The Easynews NNTP newsgroup servers contain a full list of over 100,000 newsgroups–both text and binary–that subscribers can access through multiple ports. Easynews also doesn’t cap the number of encrypted connections on its NNTP Usenet service–a feature unheard of with other providers.

Easynews are not the new kid on the block – they have been offering a robust Usenet service for over 15 years! You can take them for a spin with a free trial available at their website.

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