Friday Flick Find: Stalking Cat

It’s been a few months since the last Friday Flick Find video, but now it’s back with yet another cool and interesting video, this time it’s a fun video: Stalking cat!

Although I’m a dog person, I still find this video funny. I especially like the part where the cat freezes with one paw up on the base of the office chair. Watch the entire video, it’s only a minute, I’m sure you will enjoyed it, it has over 30 million views on YouTube already (can’t believe I didn’t found this until this week!).

4 thoughts on “Friday Flick Find: Stalking Cat”

  1. LOL! Very funny cat indeed. I think there’s truth in the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Cats just are the most curious of all animals. They must think freezing can make them invisible or unnoticeable. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen this video before too and still really enjoy it. I’m definitely a cat lover and have two old girls of my own. This is a resource I just had to share There was an internet cat film festival a few months back and I was able to view some 80+ of the favorites that way. Hope you other cat lovers enjoy as much as I did.


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