5 Weird And Interactive Websites To Kill Time

The World Wide Web is certainly a huge place filled with billions of web pages. According to WorldWideWebSize.com, the Indexed Web contained at least 4.5 billion pages on March 20, 2017. On the same day, InternetLiveStats.com revealed that there were over 1,165,000,000 websites online. Luckily, with over a billion websites out there, you are going to find some that you can visit purely just for fun. I searched through many pages on the Internet to bring you a list of 5 weird and interactive websites you can visit when you want to kill some time.

1. FuturePhysics.com

Rafaël Rozendaal is a Dutch-Brazilian visual artist who creates strange, interactive and useless web pages. His work has sold for thousands of dollars. One of his stunning websites sold at an auction for $3,500.

Future Physics is a web page created by Rozendaal. Despite being a bit useless, you may actually enjoy it. While you are all alone in space, use your cursor to rearrange the planets any way you want. If you want to get rid of a planet, simply throw it out of your screen.

2. 99Rooms

Visit 99 different rooms. These are no ordinary rooms. Some are weird, and others are flat-out creepy (check out #68). Each has its own type of crazy theme. If you want to quickly jump to any of the 99 rooms, just click on the room number located at the bottom of your screen.

3. Ro.me

Rome is an amazing interactive film created by Chris Milk. After you click on the big “Enter” button, click on the “Begin” button. You will start your journey off by taking a quick drive. Then, you will soon enter an extremely weird world that is filled with bizarre-looking creatures and other interesting things. You will also hear some music in the background.

Although this film does not seem to have a specific purpose, it’s an interactive experience you will never forget. Just be careful while you explore because you might get lost.

4. CatchTheDragon

Like Rome, when you enter Catch The Dragon, the first thing you do is take a ride through another world. However, there is a big difference between the two films. In this world, your goal is to chase a large red dragon around. Once you catch him, you will see him vanish. However, this dragon is relentless. Just when you think you got him, he comes back.

You can choose between two different versions for this film. Try both VR and 360 video.

5. A-Way-To-Go.com

Way to Go is a fun virtual reality and interactive film. It was launched in 2015. Go on a virtual walk with both animation and 360-degree video. When you’re moving through the forest, you will see a world that is mostly black-and-white. Although you’re probably going to feel like you are never going to get anywhere, Way to Go is certainly an amazing and interactive experience that people love. Whether it’s the cool graphics, the anticipation of what might appear, the music, or the mystery of the film itself, it’s no surprise that people find it quite fun and fascinating. Numerous website lists have mentioned this particular captivating film. According to SEMrush.com, the film is growing in popularity. On March of 2017, they had nearly 600 links.

We hope you visit all five of these websites. Now you have some handy tools you could easily access whenever you are feeling bored. If you really like this stuff, you are in luck. With the Internet growing rapidly, there is no doubt that webmasters will bring more fun and interactive sites your way.

Guest article written by: Kirin is a writer who is fascinated with the many unusual web pages webmasters create. Just when you thought you have seen the weirdest place ever, along comes another site that’s ever stranger. Kirin enjoys sharing information on these places in her articles. Her fascination has also lead her to the idea of starting her own website: Useless-Websites.com.

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