We live in a digital world today – have you scanned your old photographs yet?

This is just a friendly reminder to make sure that you scan your old photographs. You know, the ones you had developed years ago and you now have stored away in photo albums in a big dusty shelving unit in the back of your living room? Or perhaps they’re in boxes, now stored in the attic?

It’s funny, cause today we rarely print our photos. We shoot thousands of digital photographs and most of them, if not all, live their entire life inside a computer, only to be seen when you e-mail them, upload them or do a slideshow on the TV. I think printing photographs is on the rise, as more and more people have been shooting exclusively digital for years, now they want to get that “feeling” of having a real photographs between their hands again.

So what about your old photographs which you shot on film and had developed? You probably didn’t scan them into your computer yet, so why not look for photo scanning services if you’re not up for scanning them yourself? After all, digital photos are a lot easier to navigate, index, search and organize, than paper photographs. Not to mention, a whole lot safer, as you can – and you should – make a backup of all your digital data. It’s usually not a matter of if your hard drive will crash, but when. Even though, for example, a fire in your house is unlikely to happen, it can still happen and if it does, your paper photographs are probably gone forever.

My point is – if you haven’t scanned your old photographs yet, you might want to do it before it’s too late – and at the same time, enjoy going through your old photos and memories again, I’m sure you’ll like it. Also, remember to backup your digital photos!

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