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How to Enjoy Six Months of Apple Music for Free

January 13, 2022
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Apple Music, the music and video streaming service developed by Apple, provides easy access to more than 90 million songs and 30,000 playlists, all ad-free. Immerse yourself in your favorite music with the use of Apple products, as well as on PCs, Android, Sonos, PlayStation 5, Amazon Edge and other devices. There is a variety […]

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How to Get Back Your Lost or deleted Photos From iPod (Mac)

January 18, 2015

Apple introduced iPod a as a Music player with a little storage capacity but with time it has improved a lot and still continuing. Now, it is sixth iPod generation and it supports large memory up to 160 GB of any type of file, lots of audio, video and image files and various types of […]

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Next generation iPod Touch and iPod Nano released

September 26, 2012

Last week Apple had another one of it’s famous press conferences, which the main reason for the event was to launch the iPhone 5 which was just as momentous as it was excepted to be. The Pre orders for the device have already met and then passed Apple’s expectations, which was definitely quite predictable. How […]

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Apple presents iPad 2 & iOS 4.3 — Yeah, I’m getting one!

March 2, 2011

To some surprise, Steve Jobs himself took the stage during his medical leave of absence, as he “didn’t want to miss it”, as he said, since they had been working on the product (iPad 2) for awhile. Before the iPad 2 presentation, Steve Jobs explained how 100 million books were downloaded so far from iBooks […]

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Wrapup: Apple Music Event September 1st – iOS, iPods, AppleTV, AirPlay

September 1, 2010

Steve Jobs and Apple just wrapped up their September 1st music event in San Francisco, showing us the next two updates to iOS, new iPods, new AppleTV, new iTunes, new AirPlay (previously AirTunes) and a new social media site called Ping. Here’s a complete overview of all that has happened in the 1.5 hour long […]

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iSuppli: Android to Outstrip iPhone in 2012

August 6, 2010

More Android-based smartphones were sold in Q1 2010 than iPhones, on the North American market. A trend, which according to iSuppli, will continue so we’ll see more Android smartphones in 2012 than iPhone OS. In 2012, iSuppli believes that Android will be on 75 million smartphones and Apple’s iOS on 62 million devices. Obviously Android […]

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Jailbreak Legal & Ready for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

August 3, 2010

JailbreakMe 2.0 has just been released and allows you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch straight from the built-in Safari browser. No need to download any software or anything. All you have to do is visit www.jailbreakme.com from your iDevice (or alternatively, www.jailbreakme.modmyi.com). Before you go ahead with the jailbreak, make sure to […]

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How To: iPhone & iPad Casino Games Outside App Store With Real Money

July 5, 2010

Let’s face it. Apple has a rather strict policy about what kind of apps to let into their App Store. Apps that makes farting sounds are okay, but apps that let you enjoy – and spend/win a few bucks – playing casino games, are not okay. One gambling app has made it through to the […]

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It’s iOS 4.0 Day – Are You Ready? [iPhone/iPod Touch]

June 21, 2010

Today is June 21st and that means iOS 4.0 will be released by Apple to the masses. iOS 4 0s the new name for “iPhone OS 4”. iPhone 1st gen. and iPod Touch 1st gen. will not work with iOS 4, iPhone 3G will work but it will not have multitasking. All other iPhones and […]

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iPhone 4 Wrapup from WWDC ’10 San Francisco

June 7, 2010

Steve Jobs just left the WWDC ’10 stage in San Francisco after having showed us the new iPhone, iPhone 4, and iPhone OS 4 which has now been renamed to iOS 4. Most of the iPhone 4 things we already knew thanks to the whole “I lost my iPhone in a bar”-story. Some questions were […]

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Apple Surprisingly Approves Opera Mini for iPhone

April 13, 2010

It took Apple 20 days, 8 hours and 31 minutes to approve Opera Mini in the App Store for iPhone, iPad Touch (and maybe iPad, in the future?), according to a countup timer on Opera’s website. I don’t think anybody – except Opera themselves – expected their browser to be approved, as Apple has previously […]

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Future Of Flash in iPhone/iPad? “Old Technology”, Says Steve Jobs

February 20, 2010

Yada yada yada, the iPhone doesn’t support Flash. Everybody knows that by now. If you follow Apple, or just tech news in general, you will also know that their new soon-to-be-released iPad doesn’t support Flash either, as Steve Jobs (by accident, I guess) demonstrated during the iPad keynote presentation. Personally I don’t care about Flash. […]

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iPhone Users “Downloaded” Flash 7 Million Times in December

February 11, 2010

By now it’s no surprise to anybody that the iPhone doesn’t support flash and that the new iPad is not going to do so either. Steve Jobs even demonstrated it (by accident?) at the iPad presentation keynote when he browsed to a newspaper website (I can’t remember if it was WSJ or NYT) and flash […]

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VernX – Action Puzzle Game For iPhone / iPod Touch

December 9, 2009

The developer behind VernX contacted me to get my opinion on his first iPhone game. Long story short, I really enjoyed testing it, so I decided to write up a quick post about it and share it with you guys. VernX is an original action puzzle game. The goal of the game is to guide […]

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FIFA 2010 For iPhone? Guess It Can’t Get Any Worse Than For PS3

September 29, 2009

On Friday you will be able to purchase the soccer game FIFA 2010 from EA Sports for iPhone and iPod Touch. The price is yet to be announced but is expected to be around $10. EA announced their plans for iPhone and iPod Touch gaming back in March 2009 and now, some 6 months later, […]

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