How To: iPhone & iPad Casino Games Outside App Store With Real Money

Let’s face it. Apple has a rather strict policy about what kind of apps to let into their App Store. Apps that makes farting sounds are okay, but apps that let you enjoy – and spend/win a few bucks – playing casino games, are not okay. One gambling app has made it through to the App Store so far and that’s Betfair – but probably only because they use the built-in GPS chip to verify that the user is actually within United Kingdom when using the app, and it also only offers sportsbetting so it’s by no means a full casino experience app.

Apple is, unfortunately, also happy to change their mind on “adult services” in the App Store, meaning that they can remove an app even after it has initially been approved. Like they did earlier this year when removing “mild adult apps”, including “photos of girls in bikini”-apps. I believe that the online casino providers is not looking to develop any apps for the App Store just yet, until they are certain that Apple will approve them – and not change their mind.

So, for the rest of us who wants to kick back with a game of real money blackjack every now and then or maybe placing a few dollars on number 17 on the roulette, well, we’ll simply have to use the iPhone’s built-in Safari browser and play on iPhone enabled real money casinos!

One way of finding iPhone (or iPad) enabled UK online casinos is by simply searching for them on your favorite search engine. But beware and do a little bit of research before you begin to deposit money, just search for the site name and you’ll quickly learn if it’s a site with bad reputation or not.

Puntmobile is a site that specializes in mobile casino games since 2005, including real money casino games for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Casino Games for iPhone & iPad

By visiting from your iPhone/iPad, you’ll get a pretty decent choice of games to play, including games like Blackjack, video poker, roulette, bingo, virtual horse racing, progressive slots and 5 reel slots such as Tomb Raider, Dragons Fortune, Mermaid Millions.

Although you have more screen estate available with the iPad, it seems that the Puntmobile games use the same graphics as they do for iPhone, so they will not look better on iPad, just bigger.

Here’s how some of the games present themselves on respectively iPhone and iPad (click on the screenshots to enlarge).

Blackjack on iPhone & iPad

Blackjack on iPhone

Blackjack on iPad
Roulette on iPhone & iPad

Roulette on iPhone

Roulette on iPad
Slots on iPhone & iPad

Slots on iPhone

Slots on iPad
Virtual Horse Racing on iPhone & iPad

Virtual Horse Racing on iPhone

Virtual Horse Racing on iPad (betting)

Virtual Horse Racing on iPad (result)

Playing browser-based casino games on your iPhone or iPad is a decent experience and the graphics are surprisingly nice looking (on the iPhone, iPad not as good) and the animations are decent as well, without being as perfect as they could have been with a real app in the App Store.

The downside is that you don’t get any sounds, for the simple reason that Apple’s mobile Safari browser doesn’t hold temporary files such as sound files in a cache, meaning it would slow down the game process if you also have to download sound files on every move you make. In this case, the developers main reason for not including sounds at this time, is to ensure good connectivity between the player and the gaming servers, rather than delivering a sound file upon each action. The only time I actually missed sounds was when playing the slots. Yeah, you have the slot machine sound ringing in your head right now, don’t you?

On the plus side, you can get a deposit bonus (usually 100% up to £200 when making a deposit and want to play with real money – or you can play in demo mode, with play money, just to get you started and get a feel for how the gaming experience is on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

See you at the tables!

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  5. The game looks cool and I will probably buy it. However, I am a big roulette fan. I noticed that the roulette wheel is the single zero wheel. When I go to the casino I only play the double zero wheel. Unfortunately, almost every casino game out there uses the single zero wheel.

    Roulette wheel aside I will probably still purchase this. It still looks great!

  6. Bwin have managed to get a real money poker app approved by apple according to The great news is Bwin are merging with Party Poker so a Party Poker iphone app is also on the cards this year.

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  9. Hi there,
    the online casinos are desperate to enter the mobile casino games market as more and more gamblers prefer to wager on the move. This is really a great news for the mobile casino games fans that the betfair developers have managed to created the new app making it play the games via iPhone and iPad. As far as I know a few other mobile casinos have recently created the apps as well.
    Regards, Tanya

  10. This is nice review. You need understand the word real money before you play. Different casinos have different meaning for real money so read their T&C before you play. I would say a video could have done the task easier.


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