iPhone: Supply Shortage – Sales Expectations Lowered

Analyst Shawn Wu of Kaufman Bros is lowering his expectations for iPhone  sales this year, according to an article today in Fortune.

Shawn Wu believes that Apple will sell 7.5 million iPhones instead of the expected 9 million, due to a high likelihood of inventory drawdown and screen supply constraints.

But he has good news regarding iPad sales, expecting 3.5 million units sold compared to 3.3 million before.

1 thought on “iPhone: Supply Shortage – Sales Expectations Lowered”

  1. I still can’t believe the sales projections are as high as they are with the notorious “dead zone” on the external antenna. It’s a beautiful phone and a marvelous gadget – but I’ll be in a wait-and-see mode until the iPhone 4 no longer requires kid gloves to actually make a call.


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