How to Get Back Your Lost or deleted Photos From iPod (Mac)

ipod_touch_2012Apple introduced iPod a as a Music player with a little storage capacity but with time it has improved a lot and still continuing. Now, it is sixth iPod generation and it supports large memory up to 160 GB of any type of file, lots of audio, video and image files and various types of games. This is the reason why millions of people in the world are crazy for Apple and it gives a tough competition to electronics market of media players. Apple’s iPods are among one of its very popular devices and it provides a very good secure interface, but even then, they face issues of data loss. To recover deleted photos from iPod you have to use an iPod Photo recovery software.

The sixth-generation iPod classic is full-fledged Portable Media Center. Except iPod Classic, there some more categories are available of iPod players in the current generation.  

iPod Touch: It was announced in 2007 September and it was a very popular portable media player among users since its launch. iPod Touch look like an iPhone and provides an 8-GB or 16-GB storage capacity. Its features include wireless networking, Web browsing, two cameras, built-in applications for e-mail and the option to install various applications available through the App Store.

iPod Shuffle: The iPod Shuffle is not only the cheapest iPod but also the smallest one. It has not display but has five buttons, and supports 512 MB to 1 GB memory storage of audio files.

iPod Nano: It comes with 2-inch display screen and supports digital audio files, displays digital photos. iPod Nano facilitates 4- and 8-GB capacity for storage.

Let’s Have a Look at Some Popular Reasons That Causes Data Loss in iPods.

1. Accidental Deletion: This is the main reason of data loss as human errors are very often with iPod. Many times people just accidentally delete their complete photos gallery and lose their Photos

2. Formatting: This is also a very common cause when users accidentally format their iPod and lost all the Photos and other media files.

3. Virus Attack: Virus infection is also a cause of data loss in iPods

4. Restore: After applying restore option in iPod, it automatically erase all the media files and photos that are stored in iPod memory.

5. Sync Error: All the media files of iPod are managed by iTunes. When any synchronization issue occurs, it leads to data loss.   

6. Improper Ejection: It happens when iPod is connected with computer and user ejects it improperly.

Recovery Options

It is very easy to recover deleted files from your iPod as all the deleted photos and other files stored in the memory even after deletion. You just have to use Professional photo recovery software according to iPod’s compatibility. Use an Efficient IPod Recovery (Mac), which is very efficient and reliable and recovers lost, deleted or inaccessible data. This iPod photo recovery tool has potential to recover pictures, songs and video / movie clips from Mac based system. It supports Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 (Lion) versions. To view more details Click Here

To recover lost photos from your iPod you just have to install efficient iPod Recovery software in your Mac system and connect it with iPod. Start scanning and view all the list files and folders after scan. This software also facilitates you different types of search option which will help you to recover you complete lost data. And then you only have to save recovered files in your desired location.  Recovery Software provides a very user friendly interface so you can run it very easily.

Guest article written by: Jazz is Photographer by Profession. On free time she writes article and blogs related to photo recovery and mobile technology. Know more about photo recovery software click here

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