Next generation iPod Touch and iPod Nano released

Last week Apple had another one of it’s famous press conferences, which the main reason for the event was to launch the iPhone 5 which was just as momentous as it was excepted to be. The Pre orders for the device have already met and then passed Apple’s expectations, which was definitely quite predictable.

How on the event, which was held on the 12th of September Apple also released another set of upgrades to an existing product line. It’s iPod line saw an update with the iPod touch and the iPod Nano getting the upgrades. Below I shall explain the upgrades that both of these products have seen.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch was definitely getting a bit out dated having not seen any improvements to the product in quite a while, so this time Apple really went all out and turned the device into pretty much a portable gaming device as well as a web browser and MP3 player.

The new iPod touch supports a 4 inch screen as well as a thinner and lighter handset than the new iPhone it will be quite a sleek device to hold. While inside the iPod there is an A5 processor and Apple have increased the amount of RAM in the device. For the first time the iPod Touch is also available in several different colors and in it once again out in the sizes of 16GB and 32GB.

iPod Nano

Ok I really like this one! It’s so cool like a mini iPhone, Apple have completely remodeled the iPod Nano to look like well a smaller version of their iPhone. The device has six circular icons on it, however it doesn’t run iOS so you can’t change these.

This latest version of the Nano does come equipped with some features that the other models don’t have specifically an FM tuner, Bluetooth functionality and an in built pedometer. As before this product comes in a variety of different colors including the product red version.

So there you have it these are the new iPod’s, is it enough for them to keep their spot as the number one seller of MP3 players. I think so especially with the new upgrades to the iPod touch that thing will be very fast.

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Guest article written by: Tom, he also writes for several other blogs such as Hardcorepersonalfinance and also Personal-finance-budgeting.


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Guest article written by: Tom, he also writes for several other blogs such as Hardcorepersonalfinance and also Personal-finance-budgeting.


6 thoughts on “Next generation iPod Touch and iPod Nano released”

  1. Hi nice post cool ipod with attractive features that everyone likes. Thanks for grow up my knowledge about ipod and it’s features.

  2. Apple is always amazing, and always upgrading. Their design is unique and is very convenient. Their friendly user interfaces that offer us entertainment is what makes them legendary. I like the iPod Nano because it’s like a little phone and it has every piece of entertainment you are looking for. Great article!

  3. The added colors of new iPod touch are indeed beautiful which makes iPod more alluring. In this technological world, Apple Inc. has contributed enormously. Hats off to Apple and its innovations!!!


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