How Companies Fail to Create High ROI and the Reasons for it

Fuelled with investors’ cash, a large number of well-established companies end up burning crores for short-term goals. However, in the mad race of scaling growth, they often miss out on long-term ROI from marketing. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task!! Entrepreneurship is a risky endeavor, no doubt about it.  Successful business owners must be … Read more →

5 steps to achieve your company goals

Image source: Keeping customers and clients happy is not the only goal of modern business owners. Other objectives include maintaining profits, reducing energy, investment in quality management, and many more. But, if you want to reach all your business goals through time management, deliver better results and accurately predict possible outcomes, you have to … Read more →

What apps should workers install on their phones upon joining a new company?

You’ve done it! Soon enough you will be launching into your new career in an exciting new company, visualising the multiple opportunities for progressive and positive endeavours at your fingertips.  However, starting a new job in a new environment can make routines and organising feel very scattered, as it takes time to find your feet … Read more →

How to Boost Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn stands apart from the other social media platforms as a way to connect and network with a professional audience. For many companies, having a LinkedIn business page is an overlooked opportunity. If you’re looking for a new way to connect with your audience, try these helpful tips for boosting your LinkedIn company page. Position … Read more →

How a Good Mobile App Can Make or Break a Company

It’s no news to hear that smartphones have completely changed the way we live and permeate so much of our lives. Most of us look at our phones first thing in the morning, during meals, and before we go to bed every night. What might surprise you however is that mobile traffic has now eclipsed … Read more →

How To Start A Manufacturing Company

Starting a manufacturing company can be a prosperous and rewarding business venture, especially if you’re producing products that are in high demand. Setting up a manufacturing company is by no means easy, but it’s extremely viable for any entrepreneur with the skills and determination to succeed. To help improve your chances of business success, here … Read more →

Is it Time to Change Your Company’s Software?

In the digital age, software is an integral part of many businesses. Whichever industry that you work in, you can be sure that software plays some role in it. The right software is incredibly valuable, and for some businesses, software can be one of their most significant assets.  Software that does exactly what you need … Read more →

Is Your Company Data Safe?

According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is approximately more than $7 million, while the EU has recently introduced GDPR legislation that can charge a company with a $4 million fine for holding EU citizens’ data. A data breach can therefore not only impact your reputation … Read more →