How to Boost Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn stands apart from the other social media platforms as a way to connect and network with a professional audience. For many companies, having a LinkedIn business page is an overlooked opportunity.

If you’re looking for a new way to connect with your audience, try these helpful tips for boosting your LinkedIn company page.

Position Your Business as an Expert

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for building a personal brand by positioning oneself as an expert. The same strategy can be applied to a company page.

When crafting a company page, it’s important to share short and sweet tidbits that are relevant to the industry. Provide your audience with value and share insights that they will remember and use. When using this strategy, take a two-pronged approach: sharing information that appeals to potential clients as well as potential employees.

Encourage Employee Engagement

Your employees are the face of your brand. They’re the front line connection that customers experience when interacting with your business. 

To boost your company page, encourage employee engagement. Ask them to tag your company page in their updates and industry-relevant posts. Ensure that C-suite executives and key stakeholders know social media etiquette and can direct traffic using hashtags and tags. Reward employees for interacting in LinkedIn groups and sharing their knowledge with others while boosting the business.

Use Video Marketing

Video marketing has revolutionized how businesses connect with their audience. This tool was once costly and inaccessible. Now, however, creating a video is quick and has a high ROI.

Create insightful videos with a professional video maker program to share quick tips, behind-the-scenes explorations of the business, webinars, and tutorials. Videos help increase engagement and also circumvent many social media algorithms. Furthermore, videos can be repurposed in many ways for some powerful, evergreen content.

Ask Questions

Rather than posting a link or directing people away every time you share content, spark a conversation. Ask a simple question that encourages commenting and interaction. After all, this is what networking is about. 

Experiment with a mix of content, both related to your business and to the world at large. Don’t hesitate to adapt “would you rather” questions to discuss world events, industry happenings, and to spark a personal connection with your brand.

Be Consistent

Consistent posting is key for any social media platform, and LinkedIn is no exception. Your business page doesn’t have to churn out five posts per day. However, it should have at least one per day to maintain its position in the feed. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in the noise.

Create a simple content strategy that you can build on as time goes by. Use a mix of video, graphics, storytelling, links, and conversation posts to add variability while maintaining consistency. 

Analyze and Adapt

Using LinkedIn’s analytics is a fantastic way to see what does and does not work for your audience. By looking at your engagement and interactions, you can see how your content strategy is working and adapt as needed. You may find that your audience responds well to videos and long-form posts, but doesn’t engage with links.

As time goes by, your audience will evolve and have new preferences. Something that works well today might fall by the wayside within a few weeks. Stay vigilant and develop with your target demographic.

Cultivate Connections Behind the Scenes

Finally, you can grow your company page by working behind the scenes and using direct messaging. Form a human connection with industry leaders and influencers. When the time is right, ask if they’d consider sharing a specific piece of content from your company page. When making this request, highlight why you think it would be relevant to them and their audience. Remember, selling is about presenting value.

With these tips and tricks, you can boost your LinkedIn company page, building your audience, and increasing engagement.

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