What apps should workers install on their phones upon joining a new company?

You’ve done it! Soon enough you will be launching into your new career in an exciting new company, visualising the multiple opportunities for progressive and positive endeavours at your fingertips. 

However, starting a new job in a new environment can make routines and organising feel very scattered, as it takes time to find your feet and process goals. To ensure time at a new company is an enlightening experience, the use of downloading apps that can support your own personal welfare and organisation is important. 

Preparation is key when putting yourself into a new setting. Here are some apps that can support you before, during and after all career moves.

Communicating is more than just chatting

Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension and app that acts as a spell checker and grammar editor for anything you write online. This extra support is critical when writing pieces or emails to colleagues and clients and we believe is perfect in reducing any anxieties you may have about formal communication. Due to it finding spelling or grammar mistakes on any website where you enter text—whether you’re writing a Facebook status, sending an email, or editing a Google doc—you will get custom tips to improve your communication.

Personal welfare should never be overlooked

Have you ever thought a little deeper about your own welfare when at work? Using your phone for a private and confidential employee assistance programme, a well-being program by LifeWorks, encourages yourself and fellow employees to approach health proactively – whatever life throws at them. 

The EAP app can assist in all matters, whether it is health and safety issues, financial and legal topics, work-related issues or relationship and family matters. This one-of-a-kind electronic programme is special, as it is a 24/7 well-being service to support you both in and out of your working environment. Yes, a helping hand that can be crucial in all periods of our lives.

Feel more confident with goal setting and work completing

TickTick is a task manager that incorporates the Pomodoro method as a way to divide your day into periods of focused work and separated by refreshing breaks. It lets you quickly record anything you need to do, plan your schedule, and be reminded of due dates. Master the process of getting those daily, weekly or maybe monthly goals and tasks all ticked off.

Grow and nurture your network. 

If you want your own personal networking manager, Cloze is close enough! This platform collects information about the people you know from each of your apps to make it a one-stop location for keeping in touch. Apps like this can ensure you are publicising your abilities to individuals who could support you throughout your career moves. 

Through friendship and positivity found in networking, we can contribute to a more peaceful, stable, and satisfying world in which we are all working towards a common good.

Starting a new career in a new working environment can initially feel like a daunting thing, but it doesn’t have to be all nerves and worries! By downloading or registering to the above networks, you will be allowing yourself a better start to your new journey. 

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