Five Vocabulary Games for Your Kids to Learn with Fun

Building up your children’s vocabulary is essential for their language acquisition skills. Remember that language acquisition is a gradual, long-term process, and you cannot rush it. There’s no vocabulary list that you can give your kids for memorization. Instead, gamifying their vocabulary-building experience can be beneficial.  Learning vocabulary can be enjoyable for kids when presented … Read more →

Nintendo Switch 2 may Launch in 2024

The Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo’s bestselling consoles.  In fact, it now ranks 3rd as bestselling consoles in the world, behind only with the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo DS respectively. Released in 2017, the Switch has managed to gain a sale of over 125 million units worldwide. It is loved by many … Read more →

Choose Your Driving Simulation Game Perfect for PC

Driving is a very important skill that everyone needs to learn sooner or later. It’s a skill that can help you in many ways, especially if you have a car and love traveling. So, why not learn how to drive slowly and start with driving simulator games? There are many kinds of driving simulator games … Read more →

5 games that are ideal to improve your everyday skills

You can consider it official; playing games on your phone can be good for you! As long as you engage in this activity in moderation, you come away with much more than just entertainment. It may surprise you, but games can equip you with everyday skills that will elevate the general quality of life for … Read more →

Popular Types of Video Games

Video games these days have surely reached a whole new level compared to its early beginnings.  The first video game ever was Pong, released in 1958. Due to the limitations of technology at that time, all they could project was a moving blob that served as the ball, and two scrolling planks that served as … Read more →

Important Skills We Can Learn from Games

An argument which is often put forward against video games is that they don’t teach us any positive skills. Whenever a game with some violence is released, it is always met with criticism and calls that it will only make its players more violent. However, video games also teach us many important skills. Let’s have … Read more →

Video Games Boosting Empathy in Students

We know that technology has put its magical stick in every field. And it is really brought so many changes in life and has made our life easy and interesting. So many applications are developed which are used by the present generation and new generations. Mainly students are influenced by video games. So many video … Read more →

VR Could Make Niche Games More Popular?

Virtual reality is already having all kinds of impacts beyond its ability to transform popular video games. We’ve covered virtual reality and tourism (one of the more exciting things going on in VR-related tech), and there are also VR experiments happening in fitness, education, and all kinds of other exciting areas. When we do consider … Read more →

Why Browser-Based Casual Games Are Still Popular

Mobile apps have been with us for over a decade now and are definitely a very popular way for people to play casual, fun games that can help pass the time and provide a small dose of challenge. As you might expect, a lot of people who previously played browser-based games have now switched to … Read more →

9 Best Game Apps for iPad

Looking for the best games for iPad? You’ve come to the right place. From story games to board games, casino games, card games and casual games, this roundup lists 7 of the finest iOS gaming apps released for the iPad. 1. Broken Age™ Broken Age is one of the best adventure/story games for iPad. This coming-of-age story … Read more →